High School Articulated Credit

Mid Michigan Community College course credit will be granted for successful completion of articulated course(s) at the Tech Center/High School.

Successful completion is defined as a minimum grade of “B" (3 .0) in the course/s, a requirement noted in each articulation agreement. A High school transcript is required to document grade earned.

Some articulation agreements also require the student to successfully complete Mid Michigan College proficiency testing or a sequential course before credit will be posted to their Mid transcript. These requirements would be noted in the articulation agreement on file with the high school/technical center. No tuition or fees will be charged for articulated credits under this agreement.

Check specific articulation agreements for the number of credits possible for each articulated course. The opportunity to apply for articulated credit will expire in September, two school years after the Center/School course/program is completed.

Articulated credits will become part of the total number of credits for program completion at Mid and will be listed on the student’s Mid transcript by course code and credit hour(s). High School articulated credit is NOT transferable to other institutions from Mid. No grade will be recorded. At least 12 credits must be completed at Mid to earn a certificate or degree.

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