College Level Examination Program (CLEP)

The College Level Examination Program (CLEP) sponsored by the College Board affords students and prospective students the opportunity to demonstrate their academic proficiency in various general areas and specific subjects. Policies concerning the use of CLEP General Examinations at Mid Michigan College are developed and controlled by the Registrar. The course equivalencies are determined by the appropriate Academic Department.

When a student submits evidence of achievement by CLEP, this evidence will be evaluated by the Registrar's Office with credit being granted in appropriate areas. To be eligible for credit for CLEP scores, a student must have been granted regular admissions at Mid and an official score report must be on file. CLEP examination credit may not be used to repeat any courses previously taken. Grades for the CLEP examinations, where credit is granted, will be recorded as Credit. (CR)

Any student who is interested should contact our Testing Center. Though Mid is not a CLEP testing site, we can help you find a site near you.

Credit will be allowed for the following CLEP Subject Examinations: (provided that the score is 50 or above.)*

 AccountingACC 201 & 2118
 AlgebraMAT elective3
 Algebra-TrigonometryMAT 1245
 American GovernmentPOL 2013
 Analysis & Interpreting LitENG 1123
 BiologyBIO 1014
 Calculus w/Elementary FunctionsMAT 1325
 ChemistryCHM 111 & 1128
 College MathematicsMAT elective3
 College CompositionENG 1113
 English LiteratureENG 201 & 2026
 French Level 1FRN 1014
 French Level 2FRN elective4
 German Level 1GER 1014
 German Level 2GER 1024
 History of the US IHIS 2113
 History of US IIHIS 2123
 HumanitiesHUM elective3
 Information Systems & Computer ApplicationsCIS elective3
 MacroeconomicsECO 2013
 MicroeconomicsECO 2023
 ManagementBUS 1223
 MarketingBUS 1623
 PsychologyPSY 1013
 Social Sciences & HistorySSC 2003
 SociologySOC 1013
 Western Civilization IHIS 1013
 Western Civilization IIHIS 1023

* Note: The exception is that French level 2, the score must be 52. German level 2, the score must be 63. Spanish level 2, the score must be 54.

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