Advanced Placement (AP)

AP courses are typically courses offered through high schools that offer academic rigor similar to college-level courses as determined by the College Board (the regulators of ACT and CLEP). At the end of the course, students have the option to pay a fee to take the AP test. If a student passes the test with a score of 3 or better and has verification sent, Mid will award the student credit for that course. However, it is not mandatory that a student has completed an AP course before completing the AP test. This helps ensure that homeschooled students are eligible as well.

See table below for a list of AP test and credit equivalencies:

Art, History of3HUM 101
Art, Studio Drawing Portfolio3ART 105, 130, or 115 depending on portfolio
Art, Studio General Portfolio3ART 105, 130 or 115 depending on portfolio
Biology4BIO 101
Calculus AB5MAT 126
Calculus BC4MAT 126 and MAT 225
Chemistry4CHM 111 and CHM 112
Computer Science A3CPS 175
Computer Science AB3CPS 175 and CPS 176
Economics-Macroeconomics3ECO 201
Economics-Microeconomics3ECO 202
English Language & Comp.3ENG 111
French Language3FRN 101 and FRN 102
French Literature3FRN elective
Government & Politics U.S.3POL 201
Government & Politics3POL elective
History, European3HIS 102
History, U.S.3HIS 211 and HIS 212
Music Theory3MUS elective
Physics C: Mechanics5PHY 211
Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism5PHY 212
Psychology3PSY 101
Spanish Language3SPN 101 and SPN 102
Spanish Literature3SPN elective
Statistics3MAT 212
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