Internship Program Online Handbook


Mid Michigan College realizes the multiple varied pieces of business and industry and their importance to a well-rounded educational experience for students, in a lab or classroom environment. By participating in an internship, the student will learn the importance of communication, develop skills in working effectively in teams, understand organizational structures, and gain practical field experience to facilitate their transition from college to the business world.

Internships provide benefits to the College. A strong internship program will enhance the teaching effectiveness of faculty by providing access to the latest technologies and developments being incorporated in the field. Internships also provide an opportunity for improved feedback from employers, which validates the effectiveness of the curriculum within a specific program. Lastly, a successful internship experience will help the College with recruitment, retention, and placement.

Why would business and industry participate in internships? There are several practical reasons why regional businesses support internship programs. First, they give the employer an opportunity to connect with new talent and assess the skills and knowledge of entry-level positions. Internships also increase the cost effectiveness of recruitment, training, and short-term human resources needs. Furthermore, internships help build an effective rapport and dialogue with program faculty, so that industry needs resonate with College offerings and future plans.

Purpose of the Internship Handbook

This handbook is intended to provide students, employers, instructors, and college administrators with guidelines and procedures on how internships will be established and administered at the College. The specific responsibilities of the participants are spelled out in the handbook and all necessary forms are included within this web area.

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