Meet our Advisors

One of MMCC’s Enduring Goals is Enabling Student Success. Therefore, our Academic Advisors work as teams based upon a student’s Program of Study. This method provides a more holistic approach to our advising sessions. We will help you explore careers, clarify educational goals, understand degree requirements, or create a transfer plan.

Alyse Collins

Advisor, Mt. Pleasant
Alyse Collins is our Title III Full-time Academic Advisor for transfer students at the Mt. Pleasant campus. She comes to MMCC with a BA in Communication from Alma College and an MA in Educational Leadership from Central Michigan University. She especially enjoys helping transfer students enter and leave MMCC, easing their transition into college life and bridging pathways to four-year institutions to continue their degree. You can contact Alyse at (989) 773-6622 ext. 231 or at Apart from advising, Alyse also teaches at Alma College in the Communication Department.

Erick Makela

Advisor, Mt. Pleasant
Erick Makela is a Transfer & Outreach Academic Advisor specializing in helping students navigate through MMCC and then on to their four year institution of choice. Erick earned his Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Michigan Technological University and a Master of Arts in Education Training & Development from CMU. He has served as an AmeriCorps volunteer and has worked with Big Brothers Big Sisters running a school-based mentoring program called High-5. He and his family love camping in the summertime and hibernating in the winter! You may contact Erick at (989)773-6622 ext. 244 or at
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