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Self-Service Registration Guide

Follow these easy steps to register for courses using Self-Service.

Guidestep - Step 1

You must sign into Self-Service to access its features and menus.

Self-Service App main screen - step 3
Guidestep - Step 2

NOTE: Logging into Self-Service Will Trigger a Verification Request Page.

Users should check their Mid Mich Email account for an email from midweb@midmich.edu with the subject line "Your Verification Code."

Copy or type the verification code from the email into the page to verify sign in, then click Submit.

Self-Service sends a verification code each time you attempt to log in. This verification code is only sent to your Mid Mich Email. Check your Mid Mich Email to get your verification code whenever you access Self-Service.

Verify sign in screen
email verification code sample
Guidestep - Step 3

Welcome to Self-Service.

After signing in, select Student Planning from the main menu.

Student Planning screen in Self-Service - Step 4
checkpoint banner
Guidestep - Step 4

Choose Option 2: Plan your Degree & Register for Classes.

Select Option 2 screen - Step 5

If you don’t have a Timeline set up by your Mid Mentor, you will need to return to the main Student Planning Overview to work through creating your Timeline before continuing. Instructions follow...

Guidestep - Step 5

Once you’ve selected Plan your Degree & Register for Classes, you will see the screen below.

Plan your degree and register for classes screen - step 6

Menu features here include Schedule, Timeline, Advising, and Petitions & Waivers. You can also Search for Courses on the right in a standard search-style box. Scroll to other semesters using the arrows. Be aware that the semester that will auto populate will be the semester currently active at Mid Michigan College.

If you’ve already selected a Program & Pathway, you may* see courses listed in your Timeline.

OPTION 1 | Your Mid Mentor has created a Timeline for you. Skip these next SUB STEPS and proceed to GUIDE STEP #6.

OPTION 2 | You do not have a Timeline created yet. Continue through the next section of SUB STEPS (A-D)to create your Timeline.

Timeline Set Up Sub Step A

Return to Student Planning > Planning Overview. There are several ways to get back. One way is to use the breadcrumbs, and dropdown menu. Once back at the Planning Overview screen, select Option 1: View Your Progress.

Return to Student Planning screens - Sub Step A
Timeline Set Up Sub Step B

At the View Your Progress page, you can view Mid Michigan College’s Programs & Pathways

View Programs & Pathways screen - Sub Step B

(Image Caption) --In the example above you will see “General Studies” as the selected pathway with completed requirements shown in green.

You can View a New Program and Load Sample Course Plan to explore your options, program requirements, and a semester-by-semester plan of required course.

Select Load Sample Course Plan.

Timeline Set Up Sub Step C

Here you must select your Program and/or Pathway in order to load the related sample course plan.

Choose your Program or Pathway of Study, then click on Preview Plan.

Load Sample Course Plan - Sub Step C
Timeline Set Up Sub Step D

Return to Student Planning > Planning Overview. Once back at the Planning Overview screen, again select Option 2: Plan your Degree & Register for Classes.

Planning Overview screen - Sub Step D

The Self-Service Registration Guide continues now with GUIDE STEP #6.

Step 6

Click on the Schedule option and be sure the semester you are registering for is selected. You will see courses from your respective plan listed for that semester in your Timeline.

Schedule Option Screen - Step 7

(Image Caption) -- Drop down menus for each course display available course sections. Course sections populate in the calendar to the right. Sections highlighted in red indicate full course sections.

Continue to begin selecting course sections...

Guidestep - Step 7

Choose Add Section screenshot STEP 8-1

Once you find a section that meets your needs, choose Add Section.

Your added course sections will then appear in yellow and be labeled as Planned.

Continue to add sections until you have a section selected for all of the courses you are planning to register for.

Choose Planned Courses STEP 8
Guidestep - Step 8

Under each course in your list, you’ll see a Blue Register Button. You can click this button to register for each course individually OR you can click the Blue Register Now Button in the upper right to register for all of your planned course sections.

Register Now screen STEP 9

(Image Caption) --Once you register, your course sections will will change from Planned (yellow) to Registered (green), but not started.

Guidestep - Step 9


You’ve registered for courses using Self-Service.

Be sure to check your financial aid information and account balance so you can make plans to complete your tuition payment.

Self-Service final screenshot STEP 10


Contact your Mid Mentor. Visit midmich.edu/mentors

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