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Online Textbook Ordering Guide

via the online Bookstore website. Visit midmich.bncollege.com.

Visit the Bookstore's Facebook page: midmichigancollegebookstore

Guidestep - Step 1

Open your preferred web browser and type midmich.bncollege.com to get to Mid’s Online Bookstore website.

Online Bookstore URL screenshot - Step 1
Guidestep - Step 2

Once you arrive at the website, select Course Materials & Textbooks from the rollover top menu. Next select Find Course Materials.

Online Bookstore  screenshot - Step 2
Guidestep - Step 4

Select your course(s) by entering all the necessary information. You need to enter the term/semester, department, course number, and section. All of this information is found on your course schedule.

Course Selection screen - Step 4

Once you have selected your course(s), click the Retrieve Materials button.

Guidestep - Step 3

Here you can begin to select your courses and retrieve your course materials and textbook information.

Using the Blue Banner (right above the course selection tool) choose the Harrison Campus or Mt. Pleasant, Online, or Off-Campus options.

Find Course Materials - Step 3
Guidestep - Step 5

Your materials and textbook information for the course(s) you selected will now appear.

Choose the format you would like for your materials and textbooks, for example, you can choose between options like print vs digital, new or used, etc.

Note: For most textbooks, there are new and used options available. The displayed cost will be different based on the format selected.

Select Materials screen - Step 5

Once you have selected your materials and textbooks, click the Add to Cart button.

Guidestep - Step 6

As you choose materials and textbooks, you may select between free in-store pickup at a Mid Michigan College Bookstore or standard shipping. Once all your materials and textbooks have been added to your Shopping Cart, click Proceed to Checkout. From there you can choose your payment method, which can be credit or debit card, or financial aid charge.

Shopping Cart screen - Step 6

Note: If selecting “Financial Aid Charge,” ensure that you have enough funds available PRIOR to completing the order, or it will NOT go through, and you will receive an email saying you have insufficient funds!

QUESTIONS? Contact your Mid Mentor or Financial Aid.

If you have any problems with any of these functions or have any questions please contact the Help Desk by calling (989) 317-4630 (or extension 411 on campus), email helpdesk@midmich.edu.

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