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A guide to scheduling an appointment with your Mid Mentor or Admissions Representative.

Appointment Scheduler Guide

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Guidestep - Step 2


You may have set up an 'initial account' to access the Application Portal, where you were assigned to a Mid Mentor.

Setting up your 'myMid Account ' is a different (and required) setup step in your list of Next Steps (following the Application process) and You may not have competed this step yet.

There are two ways to login to make an appointment, depending on whether or not you have set up your myMid account. (see the options highlighted below)

OPTION 1 | Did you create an account to apply to Mid, but HAVE NOT set up your myMid account?
Login using the top login section. (see Sub Step 2A)

OPTION 2 | Use the 'Mid Michigan College' button to login if you HAVE set up your myMid account.
(see Sub Step 2B) Note: If you try Option 2 and it doesn't work, try Option 1.

SubStep 2a

Login here if you created an account to apply to Mid and have not set up your myMid account.

  • Your username is the email address used when you first applied to Mid.
  • Password is the password you created when you set up your application portal account to apply.
SubStep 2a
sub step 2b

Log in using the alternate method if you have set up your myMid account.

  • Click on 'Mid Michigan College' button.
sub step 2b
You will be automatically redirected to the 'single-sign-in' login screen.
  • Log in here with your myMid username and password.
Single Sign in Screen

Guidestep - Step 3

Schedule an appointment

If you see your Mid Mentor or Admissions Rep. as part of your Success Team, and want to meet with them, click their 'Name'.

If you do not see a Mid Mentor/Admissions Rep. listed, want to meet with a different Mid Mentor, or want to explore different appointment options, click the 'Schedule' button.

Appointment Schedule screen1
Guidestep - Step 4

Choose the purpose of your appointment

Choose purpose of appointment - Step 4
Guidestep - Step 5

Choose a location for your appointment

Choose meeting details screen5
Guidestep - Step 6

Confirm which Mid Mentor or Admissions Representative you would like to meet with.

Choose who to meet with screen 6
Guidestep - Step 7

Choose the date you would like to meet using the calendar.

Note: it may take up to a minute for the calendar and options to populate.

Choose Date screen7
Guidestep - Step 8

Choose the staff member and time you would like to meet, then click 'Schedule.'

Note: it may take up to a minute for the calendar and options to populate.

Choose Available Times
Guidestep - Step 9

Provide additional information

Provide any additional information we may need or that can help us serve you best during your appointment,
and click 'Schedule'.

Confirm Appt
Guidestep - Step 10


You will receive a confirmation email, which will include a Zoom link if you scheduled a virtual appointment.

You can log in at anytime to see your upcoming appointments. If you need to cancel an upcoming appointment, click the box on the right-hand side of your scheduled appointment.

Confirm Final Details

If you have any have any questions, please contact Admissions at admissions@midmich.edu.

If you are applying as a Dual Student, please email dual@midmich.edu with your questions.

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