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Applying to Mid Guide

A guide to completing the Online Admissions Application for Mid Michigan College.

Guidestep - Prestep 2 Guidestep - Prestep 1

Visit midmich.edu/apply.

Locate the 'blue box' button posted after Steps 1-5

Click 'Apply to Mid Today! Click Here to Complete Your Application.'

This will take you to the Student Application Portal. You will be directed to set up your 'student portal account' which is required to complete your application.

Blue Apply Button

Guidestep - Step 1

Create your log-in account.

Click the link to 'Create Your Login'. On the next screen, enter your first name, last name, and a personal email address (which you will need to immediately access next to retrieve the email sent to you for setting up your password).

Click 'Submit'.

Create Your Login Account screen Captcha screen
Guidestep - Step 3

Student Application Portal screenshot

Welcome to Mid's Student Application Portal.

Once your password is created, you will be automatically directed to your Student Application Portal main page.

Locate and click the 'Apply Now' button.

Guidestep - Step 2

Create Password

Check the inbox of the email you entered above for a message from Mid Michigan College. The subject line of the email will read: Reset Password for Mid Michigan Student Portal.

Within this message, click the ‘Create Password’ button.

Create your password and click ‘Submit’. Be sure to remember your email and password for future use.

Create Password screen
Guidestep - Step 4

Begin and complete a new application.

Click 'Start A New Application'.

Complete and submit your application!

Start an application screen
Guidestep - Step 5

Success! Welcome to Mid.

You will receive an acceptance email and mailed packet with your Next Steps.

Check out all the features of your Student Application Portal.

  • View all submitted applications / submit a new application
  • Virtual tours of each campus
  • Available wellness and academic support services
  • Programs & Pathways

If you have any have any questions, please contact Admissions at admissions@midmich.edu.

If you are applying as a Dual Student, please email dual@midmich.edu with your questions.

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