Mid Michigan College realizes the multiple varied pieces of business and industry and their importance to a well-rounded educational experience for students, in a lab or classroom environment. By participating in an internship, the student will learn the importance of communication, develop skills in working effectively in teams, understand organizational structures, and gain practical field experience to facilitate their transition from college to the business world.

Internships provide benefits to the College. A strong internship program will enhance the teaching effectiveness of faculty by providing access to the latest technologies and developments being incorporated in the field. Internships also provide an opportunity for improved feedback from employers, which validates the effectiveness of the curriculum within a specific program. Lastly, a successful internship experience will help the College with recruitment, retention, and placement.

Why would business and industry participate in internships? There are several practical reasons why regional businesses support internship programs. First, they give the employer an opportunity to connect with new talent and assess the skills and knowledge of entry-level positions. Internships also increase the cost effectiveness of recruitment, training, and short-term human resources needs. Furthermore, internships help build an effective rapport and dialogue with program faculty, so that industry needs resonate with College offerings and future plans.

Purpose of the Internship Handbook

This handbook is intended to provide students, employers, instructors, and college administrators with guidelines and procedures on how internships will be established and administered at the College. The specific responsibilities of the participants are spelled out in the handbook and all necessary forms are included within this web area.


Establishing an Internship Site

There are several ways in which an internship site can be established for students. First, the Career Center Director can approach various potential work sites and generate a list for future applications. Second, a regional employer may request that their specific business, organization, or school be considered as an internship site. A regional employer can do this by completing this form or contacting the Career Center at or (989) 317-4613. Third, a student may request that a specific place of employment be considered as a possible internship site.

If an employer or student is interested in establishing a new internship site, they should contact the Director of the Career Center, who must approve all internship site requests and all related applications prior to the start of any internship.

Students applying for internship positions must adhere to the following criteria:

  • The student must be registered within the first two weeks of the semester.
  • The student must be enrolled as a student at Mid Michigan College and remain enrolled during the semester the internship takes place and for the duration of the internship.
  • The student must successfully complete two semesters (24 credit hours) of course work prior to the internship and the student must complete MID 150: Career Readiness as a prerequisite to the internship.
  • The student must successfully complete a minimum of six (6) credits in their major field of study prior to the internship.
  • The student must maintain at least a 2.0 cumulative grade point average (GPA) overall and must maintain at least a 2.0 GPA within their field of study. Failure to maintain the minimum GPA will result in removal from the internship. In addition, sponsoring businesses or specific program areas may establish academic standards that have higher grade point average requirements.
  • The student must submit all required paperwork and obtain all approvals prior to the start of the internship. The Career Center Director must approve all internship placements.
  • The student must complete all requirements prior to their graduation from the College.
  • Students must work a minimum of 150 to 225 hours for the internship, consistent with their academic program requirements.

Note: Internship credit will not be given retroactively. In other words, field experience that a student performs prior to the start of the semester in which the internship was approved will not be considered for college credit.

Students must adhere to all degree requirements outlined in the College Catalog for their program of study. In some programs an internship may be a requirement for graduation. Students are advised to review the specific degree requirements closely and meet with their Mid Mentor if they have questions.

Federal Law requires all employers to deduct Social Security from all wages. Social Security numbers are required so that proper withholding is supplied by the employer to the correct account number.

During internship field experiences, students are considered employees of the company or agency for which they work. Consequently, all internship income is considered taxable.

Intern students must adhere and abide by the employer’s rules, policies, procedures, and regulations. The employer will inform the student of policies governing working conditions and hours of work. A student laid off, discharged, or separated from their internship employment worksite prior to completion of the internship hours, will not receive college credit. Background checks may be required by certain employers.

Compensation for the work effort provided by the interning student is a personal matter between the employee and the employer. Although it is not mandatory that intern positions be paid, compensation for intern students is highly encouraged. Compensation for these positions will make the program more attractive to potential applicants and result in a more motivated, ethical, and productive field experience. Mid Michigan College recommends that intern students receive a rate of pay comparable to the prevailing rate for the type of work they perform. The compensation will be determined in advance of placement.

Internship Site Procedures

The following procedures have been established to ensure that all internships are handled consistently and efficiently.

The Internship Application Form is available online.

The Career Center Director will review the application and determine whether there is a work site available. If the student is requesting a specific work site, the Director will review the request and determine whether the field experience will be suitable for the field of study. The Director will communicate with the worksite supervisor to see whether the employer wishes to hold an interview with the prospective intern prior to placement. All internship sites must be approved by the Director prior to the start of the internship. Final hiring decisions for students are based on the discretion of the employer.

Prior to the start of an internship, the student must register for the appropriate credit hours. Students must register and pay all appropriate tuition and fees during the regular registration periods. The intern online application form must be completed by the student and approved by the Director. The curriculum determines the duration of the internship and the amount of college credit to be awarded upon successful completion.

If unfamiliar with the work site, the Career Center Director will personally visit the site to determine whether it would be appropriate for an internship. The Director will communicate with the worksite supervisor (by telephone or personal visit) a minimum of once during each internship experience. However, more frequent contact is often completed to ensure that the internship is successful and the plan is being followed.

At the conclusion of the internship, the student is required to complete the Student Internship Evaluation. The completed form must be submitted to the Director no later than the final exam week of the academic semester. The form provides the College with feedback on the quality of the internship experience.

At the conclusion of the internship experience, the worksite supervisor will complete the Worksite Supervisor Evaluation. The worksite supervisor will assess the student’s performance based on the internship objectives and by comparing the student with employees in comparable positions. The Worksite Supervisor Evaluation must be submitted to the Director no later than the final exam week so that a grade can be recorded on the student’s transcript.

The Director will ensure that all required paperwork is received and that a final grade is submitted to Registration & Records in a timely manner. If any of the required paperwork is missing and a final grade is unable to be recorded, the student will receive an “I” (Incomplete) for the internship. Students are advised that receiving a grade of “I” for an internship will be handled in accordance with the College policies regarding “Incompletes” for academic courses. The internship period is not considered complete until a final grade is recorded.

Tuition is based on a ratio of 1 contact hour for each 1 credit hour of internship field experience. (Contact your Mid Mentor for more detailed billing information.)

Internship Responsibilities

In order for an internship to be successful and effective, each of the participants must play an integral part in the learning experience. The responsibilities of each of the participants are as follows.

  • Apply for an internship by completing and signing the Internship Application.
  • Meet with the Career Center Director to determine possible internship locations.
  • Interview with prospective employers.
  • Complete the Internship Agreement.
  • Register for the appropriate courses and pay all tuition and fees.
  • Conform to all employment and personnel policies of the employer and work co- operatively with existing staff.
  • Fulfill the specified learning objectives.
  • Complete Internship Bi-Weekly Time Sheets as instructed.
  • Complete and submit the Student Internship Evaluation.

  • Interview prospective interns and notify the Career Center Director of those students selected for hire as an intern employee.
  • Notify the Director of any personnel or performance problems regarding the intern at the worksite.
  • Communicate on a regular basis throughout the internship.
  • Notify the Director and gain their approval of any proposed changes to the objectives.
  • Complete the Worksite Supervisor Intern Evaluation.

  • Assist the student in locating an internship worksite that will be beneficial and applicable to the student’s academic program area.
  • Review the student’s internship application and resume to ensure that the student’s qualifications and skills are appropriate to the particular employer’s needs.
  • Communicate with the worksite supervisor to monitor student progress and strengthen the dialog and mutual working relationship with the College.
  • Collect the Student Internship Evaluation.
  • Collect the Worksite Supervisor Intern Evaluation and assign a final grade with Registration & Records.

  • Ensure the internship handbook is followed in a consistent manner.
  • Review the implementation of the internship handbook for program areas under their supervision.
  • Assess the effectiveness of the internship handbook and evaluate the internships for areas under their supervision on an annual basis.

Internship FAQs

Yes, the grade point average is important to qualify a student for an internship. The student must maintain a 2.0 GPA to qualify and continue an internship. In addition, sponsoring businesses or specific program areas may establish academic standards that have higher grade point average requirements.

If a student leaves an internship, it would be considered the same as dropping an academic course. Depending on the time of the withdrawal, the student may end up sacrificing tuition costs, credit hours, and receive a failing grade.

No, the student is not obligated to accept permanent employment nor is the employer obligated to offer permanent employment.

Yes, the student can request their own worksite. However, the final approval for internship worksites rests with the Career Center Director.

Internships are designed to provide students with hands-on field experience that will prepare them for gainful employment after graduation. In addition, the duties of the internship must be suitable for the awarding of college credit. It would not be appropriate to award college credit for work already being performed at an existing place of employment. It is the responsibility of the Director to ensure that the integrity of Mid Michigan College internships is upheld.

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