Evacuation Testing Procedure

Mid Michigan College will conduct at least one evacuation test each year (a test is defined as a regularly scheduled drill or exercise with appropriate follow-through activities, designed for assessment and evaluation of emergency plans and capabilities). These tests are coordinated by Security Operations and Systems, Campus Security and the Core Crisis Team and may be announced or unannounced. The function of these drills serves several purposes: to familiarize the campus community with the sound of alarms, locations of emergency exits within the buildings, location of designated meeting or shelter areas, provide guidance about exiting the facility for an emergency evacuation, and the assessment of various notification systems such as the public address system, e-mail notification, and MidAlert! Mid Michigan College’s emergency procedures, building evacuation routes and shelter locations are posted in classrooms and various locations throughout the College. Mid maintains records of its Emergency Response Evacuation Procedures in conjunction with the Test.

The test will be monitored by members of Security Operations and Systems, Campus Security, the Core Crisis Team, and members from governmental agencies who may respond to an actual emergency. These groups will evaluate egress, behavioral patterns, and assess and evaluate the emergency response, plans and capabilities. Reports are prepared after each test which identify defective equipment and processes so that corrective action can be taken by the appropriate departments. Recommendations for improvements are addressed by Security Operations and Systems, Campus Security, the Core Crisis Team, and members from governmental agencies and presented to the appropriate department or individuals so that improvement of processes can be effected.

Documentation of the test will be submitted and housed with the Office of College Compliance and Ethics for Clery Act-related documentation through submission of an After Action Report. This Report will describe the test, the date the test was conducted, the start and end time of the test, and whether the test was announced or unannounced. For copies of the After Action Report, please e-mail sos@midmich.edu.


(Updated JULY 2023)