Campus Non Discrimination, Harassment, Sexual Misconduct and Title IX Sexual Harassment Related Policies

Mid Michigan College (Mid) is committed to maintaining a safe but unhindered environment for students, faculty, staff and visitors to work and learn and as such has implemented the following policies:


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Mid’s Title IX/Civil Rights Team

The Title IX/Civil Rights Team at Mid is comprised of the College’s Title IX/Civil Rights Coordinator, Investigators, Decision-Makers, Appellate Panel, and Advisors. The College’s Title IX/Civil Rights Coordinator has oversight of the Title IX Team and individuals that serve on the Team are vetted and trained to ensure that they are not biased for or against any party in a specific case or Complainants/Respondents generally or individually.

Any individual involved in the process including the Title IX Coordinator, Investigator, Decision-Maker, Appellate Panel, or Advisor may neither have nor demonstrate a conflict of interest for or against any party in a specific case, or for or against Complainants/Respondents generally or individually. The Complainant or Respondent may, at any time during the resolution process, raise a concern to the Title IX/Civil Rights Coordinator regarding bias or conflict. The Title IX Coordinator will consider the report and determine if the concern is reasonable and has merit. If so, the Coordinator will assign another member of the Title IX/Civil Rights Team member to fill the role. If the concern for bias or conflict is with the Title IX Coordinator, it should be directed to the Vice President of Finance and Facilities, Chief Financial Officer. Any concerns may be submitted by telephone or in writing and sent via email, or regular mail, using the addresses listed herein.

Title IX/Civil Rights Team Training

The Title IX/Civil Rights Coordinator, Investigators and Decision-Makers receive yearly training on issues related to sexual misconduct including dating violence, domestic violence, stalking and sexual assault. In addition, they receive instruction on the procedures for conducting an investigation and implementing processes that protect the rights and safety of involved parties and promoting accountability.

Members that serve on the Title IX specific team participate in annual training on issues related to sexual harassment including dating violence, domestic violence, stalking and sexual assault. Additionally, members that serve on the Title IX team receive information and training, specific to the resolution processes and their respective roles under the College’s Title IX Sexual Harassment Policy, as follows:

  • The definitions of sexual harassment
  • Usage of training materials that do not rely on sexual stereotypes
  • The scope of the College’s programs and activities and this policy
  • Applicable laws, regulations, and federal regulatory guidance
  • Reporting, confidentiality, and privacy requirements
  • How to conduct investigations and hearings that promote accountability and protect the safety of Complainants and Respondents
  • How to objectively evaluate all relevant evidence including both inculpatory and exculpatory; determine credibility, without bias, towards a person’s status as a Complainant, Respondent, or witness
  • Issues of relevance in creating an investigative report that accurately summarizes relevant evidence
  • How to serve impartially by avoiding bias, conflicts of interest, and prejudgment of the facts at issue
  • Familiarity with technology to be used at a live hearing
  • Issues of relevance in questions and evidence
  • Promotion of impartial investigations and adjudications of Formal Complaints of sexual harassment
  • How to implement appropriate and situation-specific remedies
  • How to render findings and generate clear, concise, evidence-based rationales

Title IX Required Training

Title IX regulations require that all training materials be posted and publicly available. Members of the Title IX Team participate in yearly trainings through organizations such as ATIXA (Association of Title IX Administrators) and D. Stafford and Associates.

Below are links to various trainings and supplemental training materials, completed/used by the College’s Title IX/Civil Rights Team.


Mid’s Title IX/Civil Rights Coordinator

The Title IX Coordinator is the official that is designated and authorized by Mid to ensure compliance with Mid’s Title IX/Civil Rights Program and corresponding policies. Primarily, the Coordinator shall oversee Mid’s response efforts when reports of discrimination, harassment and sexual misconduct are made. This includes coordination of intake, investigation, resolution processes and the implementation of supportive measures designed to stop, remediate, and prevent prohibited conduct under Mid’s policies. The Coordinator is expected to act with independence and authority free from bias and conflicts of interest.


Mid’s Title IX Coordinator is:

Martricia (Tricia) Farrell

Director of College Compliance and Ethics
Title IX/Civil Rights Coordinator

1375 S. Clare Ave, Harrison MI 48625; Main Building, Business Office 205
2600 S. Summerton Rd, Mt. Pleasant MI 48858; Center for Liberal Arts & Business, Room 168C (located inside Library and Learning Services)

(989) 386-6622 x394 |

Office Hours: 8am – 4:30pm Monday – Friday (These hours are subject to minor variations)