201 | Board Membership

201.01 Election

The College shall be directed and governed by a Board of Trustees, consisting of seven (7) members, elected at large according to the stipulations of Public Act 331 of 1966 as amended. Members of the Board of Trustees shall not be currently employed by Mid Michigan College or EduStaff.

[LAST APPROVED October 2021]

201.02 Officers and Duties

The Board of Trustees shall elect officers to perform duties as follows. All officers may perform other duties as vested by the Board of Trustees:


Call meetings as herein provided and preside over all meetings of the Board of Trustees.

Vice Chairperson

Preside over meetings in the temporary absence of the Chairperson.


Ensure the recording of all the official proceedings of the Board, the maintenance of an adequate historical record of the College, and the written public record of every regular or special meeting. The Secretary of the Board of Trustees shall designate the Executive Assistant to the Board to perform such duties as needed to record, preserve, and transmit information for the Board of Trustees.


Ensure that all funds collected on behalf of the College are handled according to established policies and procedures. The Treasurer and designated personnel shall be duly bonded by a bonding agent appointed and compensated by the Board of Trustees. The Treasurer of the Board of Trustees shall designate the Vice President of Finance and Administration to monitor the financial affairs of the College as directed by the Board of Trustees, to act as custodian of all College funds and to report monthly the financial status of the College.


201.03 Vacancies

Board vacancies shall be filled according to the stipulations of Public Act 331, 1966; that is "whenever a vacancy in the Board of Trustees occurs, the remaining members of the Board by a majority vote shall fill the vacancy immediately with a qualified elector of the community college district..." For purposes of interpretation, "immediately" shall be defined as within thirty (30) calendar days. In the event of an official's permanent vacancy (i.e., resignation, death) in any of the four (4) above-listed offices, the position shall be filled within sixty (60) days by a majority vote of the full, six (6) member Board of Trustees.


201.04 Representation

The Board of Trustees shall appoint:

  • Three (3) Trustees and one (1) alternate to serve as official members of the Board Audit committee. The Audit committee shall be the only official committee of the Mid Michigan College Board of Trustees, however ad hoc committees may be formed as necessary.
  • Trustee representatives to serve on various committees throughout the college (i.e. Mid Foundation Board of Directors, Sabbatical Committee, TRiO Committee, etc)
  • One (1) Trustee to serve as an official member of the Board of Directors of the Michigan Community College Association. The appointee shall attend all regularly scheduled meetings of the Board of Directors and shall report to the Trustees at regular intervals vital information related to the community college movement. An alternate shall be appointed and shall serve and report in the absence of the official appointee.
  • Official representation as needed to meet with legislators, legislative committees, governmental agencies and all other persons or organizations affecting community college interests

[LAST APPROVED October 2021]