Mid TRIO Students Receive Scholarships

Recently, the Michigan College Access Program Personnel (MI-CAPP) organization opened its annual scholarship window for TRIO students in the State of Michigan, and two of Mid’s TRIO-SSS students were nominated for and selected to receive the MI-CAPP scholarships.

Mid students Anna O’Boyle (Sumner) and Lucas Sawicki (Evart) received top marks in the MI-CAPP scholarship competition.

There are several scholarship categories for TRIO students through MI-CAPP. Students can compete for scholarships through a recommendation from their college TRIO program and by submitting a graded essay. TRIO professionals from across the State of Michigan gather early each year to determine the winners from a very competitive applicant pool.

O’Boyle was selected as an Academic Achievement Award recipient and Sawicki an Academic Progress Award recipient. Both will receive $1,500 in scholarship funds.

“I love TRIO—I’ve had an incredible experience,” shared Sawicki. “The TRIO team have supported me every step of the way, I’ve never met more welcoming, kind, and supportive people in my life.”

 TRIO Scholarship Recipient Lucas Sawicki 

“TRIO has helped me mentally, physically, and financially throughout my time at Mid. I’ve bettered my college experience through a variety of experiences and opportunities—like this scholarship,” noted O’Boyle. “The most important way TRIO has helped me is by showing me that there's a community out there that can help me achieve my goals, even through the hardest times in life.”

 TRIO Scholarship Recipient Anna O'Boyle

 O’Boyle plans to become a Conservation Officer by completing the DNR Academy after finishing her education at Mid.

Sawicki plans to transfer to Grand Valley State University after Mid to complete a Secondary Education degree.

For more information about Mid’s TRIO-SSS program, please visit midmich.edu/trio-sss or email triosss@midmich.edu.

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