Botanical Jar Candles

Botanical Jar Candles

Harrison Campus | Poet Family Outdoor Education Center

Learn how to collect and press flowers and plants to create one-of-a-kind glass candle jars that are embellished with delicate floral blooms

We will hike into the woods, (weather permitting), looking for flowers and plants to collect and press. Bring a book for putting your specimens in; ensure that the pages are made of paper, not shiny material. Bring your bug spray, scissors, and tweezers. After collecting the plants, we will return to the classroom where you will be taught how to press your flowers.

Using supplied pressed flowers, students will learn how to embellish (2) glass candle jars using decoupage and other supplies. All classroom materials are provided.

Students leave with collected plant specimens and two finished candle jars.

What to bring

  • Large book for pressing specimens. Non glossy paper.
  • Bug spray for walking in the woods
  • Phone or camera (if you have one) for taking pictures and I.D. plants
  • Tweezers to handle specimens