Using and Blending Watercolors

Using & Blending Watercolors

Harrison Campus | Poet Family Outdoor Education Center

When your watercolor blending isn't quite perfect do you fling your brush in frustration? When you blend an object, do you cringe at the chaos you created?

It can be irritating to feel as though you are never going to finish your artwork, especially when blending is an action you perform constantly. You will learn the techniques required to include blended components and color in your artwork in this three-hour class. While Cheryl's approaches will be useful to all watercolor enthusiasts, beginners will get the most from them.

Supplies needed:

  • Student-quality basic watercolors
  • 9x12 cold press watercolor sketchbook
  • Brushes
  • Pallet
  • Drawing board with clip

Try It! Option!

Have you ever wanted to attempt painting with watercolor but weren't sure where to begin? Not sure if you're ready to devote four weeks to watercolor lessons? Not sure if you even like watercolors?

You have found the right class! Join Cheryl for this entertaining three-hour class to get a taste of watercolor painting.

Everything you need will be provided.