Data Repository

The data available here is arranged first in two broad categories: Internal and External.

The Internal Data, is further categorized by the division of the college to which it is most closely connected. For example, Graduation and Completion Rates are found under the Academic Division, while Staff demographics are found under the Personnel Services Division, and data on non-credit trainings is found under the Workforce and Economic Development Division.

The External Data is provided via links to external data sites such as IPEDS, the VFA, or the State’s MI School Data.

Internal Data

Academic Services

Program-Level Dashboard (Informer)

Available data can be filtered by Term and by Program

Data includes:

Admissions Funnel

  • Total Prospects
  • Total Applicants
  • Total Registrants

Student Enrollment (duplicated counts)

Awards (Total Graduates)

Registered Hours

  • Total Credit Hours
  • Total Billing Hours

Subject Dashboard

Available data can be filtered by Term and by Subject

Data includes:

  • Number of Sections (by location)
  • Average Class Size (by location)
  • Faculty Composition (FT, Adjunct, Teaching Administrator, Independent Study)
  • Successful Course Completion (Percentage C or Better Grade)
  • Student Enrollment (by location)
  • Total Billing Hours (by location)

Retention Rates (Google doc)

  • Percent Returning from Fall to Winter (by Division)
  • Fall to Fall Retention (by Division)

Completion/Transfer Rates (Google doc)

  • Percent Awarded Certificate, Assoc Degree, or Transferred w/in 2 Years (MI School Data)

GPA at Primary Transfer Institution (Google doc)

  • At Central Michigan University
  • At Saginaw Valley State University
  • At Ferris State University

Student Services

Personnel Services

Marketing & Admissions

Enrollment Dashboard for Upcoming Semester (Informer)

Data Includes:

Final Student Counts & Enrollment Targets

Totals Credits

Home Residency of registered students (home many students by County)

Total Enrollment to Goals

  • First-time Freshmen
  • Transfer
  • Dual Enrolled
  • Guest
  • International
  • CAP
  • Returning
  • Adult Learner
  • Fully Online

Sections by Campus

  • Active Student Count
  • Total Section Capacity

Sections by Location (by Subject)

  • Active Student Count
  • Total Section Capacity

Fall Enrollment Comparisons by Student Type (FF, DU, RE, TR, GU, FIX)

Fall Enrollment by Residency

Fall Credit Hours by Student Type (FF, DU, RE, TR, GU, FIX)

Student Counts by Program

External Data


US Dept of Ed Scorecard

ACS (Michigan's Community College Activities Classification System Data)

VFA (Voluntary Framework for Accountability for Community Colleges)

MI School Data (State of Michigan data on community colleges)

College Navigator

The College Navigator website is developed by the Department of Education as a consumer tool for students and their families to provide a core set of descriptive statistics derived from data collected on several IPEDS surveys in the form of institutional profiles. Each institution’s College Navigator profile provides publicly available institutional data such as programs offered and degrees awarded, retention and graduation rates, the price of attendance, student aid availability, campus safety, and accreditation. Students may search for institutions that meet various criteria and compare results from up to four institutions.

Click here to access Mid Michigan College's Navigator profile.

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