Student Employment at MMCC

Are you interested in working as a student employee at MMCC?

There are two ways:

Students are eligible to be hired via the federal Work Study Program.

Work Study is a part of a student’s federal financial aid package. A student’s eligibility is determined via their FAFSA submission.

Students interested in this route should be sure to answer “YES” to the question on their FAFSA about wanting to be considered for Work Study.

Students who are not Work Study eligible, can still apply as general part-time employees.

Many departments on campus have part-time funds available to support their areas of work with student employees. Check with the department you are interested in working in if this applies to you.

**Please note: Starting March 1, 2018 ALL student applications will need to be completed in iCims, which is MMCC's applicant tracking system. Links and instructions will be updated as March 1 approaches.**

Follow these steps if you are interested in working on campus!
  1. Complete the Student Employment Application.
  2. An individual hiring manager may contact you directly to set up a formal interview in their department. Almost all departments at MMCC utilize student workers in some fashion. Individual hiring managers review the submitted applications when looking to fill vacancies for planning for upcoming semesters. They then follow up individually with students that they are interested in setting up an interview with.
  3. Talk to the department(s) that you are interested in. Learn about their role within the college and how you might contribute. See if they have openings. Let them know that you are interested.
  4. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t hear anything right away. Positions open multiple times throughout the semester and hiring managers frequently need to make changes due to scheduling conflicts, etc.
  5. If you have any questions about the process, you can contact Human Resources via email at

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