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Benefit Summary for Faculty, Administrators and Staff (PDF)

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Employee Discounts

Bellevue University Fellowship Grant for MMCC Employees

10% Tuition Discount at Capella University -Complete the fields to request information to get connected with a representative.

My Education Discount - A comprehensive directory of discounts for educators and support staff. This site includes discounts for just about anything including classroom supplies, travel, computers and even vehicles!


HelpNet provides a fully integrated continuum of behavioral health services that includes traditional Employee Assistance with a wealth of Work-Life programs. While other EAPs offer the standard "cookie cutter" products, HelpNet provides each corporate client with a completely customizable solution, all with the goal of enhancing employee performance and productivity.

  • HelpNet is an employee resource to quickly access consistent, quality counseling or referral services for any type of problem at work or home.
  • HelpNet is a supervisory resource that places a wealth of services at each manager's fingertips with the goal of reducing the burden of handling employee's personal problems alone.

Online Seminar Opportunity

Available on demand

Self Care: Remaining Resilient

Learn to identify ongoing symptoms of stress and how to find a healthier approach to the demands of work and home.

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