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Benefit Summary for Faculty, Administrators and Staff (PDF)

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Medicare Part D Notice to Employees

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Other Benefits

Employee Discounts at Mid

Bellevue University Fellowship Grant for MMCC Employees

10% Tuition Discount at Capella University -Complete the fields to request information to get connected with a representative.

My Education Discount - A comprehensive directory of discounts for educators and support staff. This site includes discounts for just about anything including classroom supplies, travel, computers and even vehicles!

Meemic Insurance - Meemic offers up to a 35% discount for all Mid employees.

Mid Employee HELP NET

HelpNet provides a fully integrated continuum of behavioral health services that includes traditional Employee Assistance with a wealth of Work-Life programs. While other EAPs offer the standard "cookie cutter" products, HelpNet provides each corporate client with a completely customizable solution, all with the goal of enhancing employee performance and productivity.

  • HelpNet is an employee resource to quickly access consistent, quality counseling or referral services for any type of problem at work or home.
  • HelpNet is a supervisory resource that places a wealth of services at each manager's fingertips with the goal of reducing the burden of handling employee's personal problems alone.

Online Seminar Opportunity

Available on demand

Recovering From Stressful Situations

It's not what happens to us but how we respond to what is happening to us. This seminar will empower you to become more resilient.


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