Drone Photo & Video Production

A drone flies above the trees.

One of the first and most popular uses for drones continues to be capturing aerial photos and videos. Until recently, this could only be done with an airplane or helicopter, and at a substantially higher cost. In recent years, drone technology has advanced significantly, allowing drone operators to capture high quality aerial images.

Upcoming Training Dates


Times 8am-5pm

Cost $995

Location Mt. Pleasant Campus | Morey Technical Education Center

Instructor Robert Guiliani

Drone Photo & Video Production Training

This 16-hour training builds upon what students have learned in Mid's Drone Piloting training modules.

The training is designed for those who want to capture and edit aerial imagery for commercial purposes. Participants will learn best practices for capturing aerial imagery with a drone and be introduced to basic post-processing techniques using industry-leading Adobe software.

Topics covered include:
  • How to construct the best shot while the drone is in the air
  • How to adjust to weather conditions
  • How to store photos and videos, and which file types to use
  • How to use the Adobe Creative Cloud suite, including Adobe Photoshop and Premiere Pro, in post-processing
  • How to add narration and music without infringing on copyright

drone regulations

Hobbyists do not need to have a remote pilot certification and can fly under the following regulations
  • Under 400’ above ground level
  • Within line of sight
  • Outside of restricted airspace
  • With a flight system weighing under 55 lbs
  • Minimum age of 16 to become certified to fly for commercial purposes (Part 107)
  • Must be registered with the FAA

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