Smart Phone Photography Lifelong Learning Class

Smart Phone Photography

Class Number | CED.1018.M01

Section | 64906

Date & Time

6PM-8PM Wednesday, October 27 & November 3




Mt. Pleasant Campus - CLAB 313


Bob Guiliani

Class Description

Get creative! Today’s smart phone cameras make it easy to record the scenes and actions happening all around us. Now that you’ve pushed that button, what’s next? During these sessions, we'll discuss techniques to improve your smart phone photography, and demonstrate various apps that can enhance and add creative touches to your images. Participants should bring their smart phone to experiment with the topics and tools discussed. You will be amazed at what you can create!

Meet Your Instructor

Bob Guiliani

Bob is a long-time, award-winning professional photographer. His portrait and nature photographs have received National, State, and local awards. He is past-president of Professional Photographers of Michigan, and has been a two-time president for Northern Michigan Photographers and the Michigan Photographic Society. With over 35 years as a professional photographer, he has a wealth of experience that he shares at various conventions and workshops.

Bob has lead interactive training workshops to many locations, including Alaska, Isle Royale National Park, and Iceland. Bob holds a Master Photographer and Photographic Craftsman degree and a MA in chemistry. He teaches basic photography, black & white darkroom, Photoshop, and drone classes at Mid. He and his wife, Linda, own Guys & Dolls Photography Studio and Reflections of Nature Art Gallery in Clare.


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