Forestry Management

Putting Your Woods to Work

Class Number | CED.1022.H01

Section | 59175

Class Details

Date & Time

6pm-8:30pm April 11




Harrison Campus - Room 274


Nia Becker, CFF, District Forester, Clare & Gladwin Conservation Districts

Class Description

Owning land is awesome, the recreation and leisure opportunities it provides are invaluable. This session will cover ways to turn the financial liability owning land can be into an asset, as well as how to produce quality forest products and reduce taxes. There are also many cost-share programs that can make conservation more affordable.

Class Outline

  • Silviculture - Management produces better timber
  • Setting up a Timber Sale
  • Cost Share, Tax Savings Programs, and Certifications
  • Non-Timber Forest Products (NTFP)


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