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Finance Seminars

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Simplifying Your Spending

Wednesday, September 30

Noon-1pm | Mt. Pleasant Campus | Community Room

Take control of your financial future and bring balance to your budget. You’ll learn more about setting personal financial goals, balancing saving, spending, and borrowing to help achieve your goals, strategies for controlling debt and improving credit scores, and practical savings options for now through retirement.

The Investment Puzzle

Wednesday, October 14

Noon-1pm | Mt. Pleasant Campus | Community Room

Like a jigsaw puzzle, economic conditions, corporate performance, the international backdrop, and your investment decisions fit together to form a larger picture. But it can be hard to see a pattern among the various pieces of our investment outlook.

We’ll look at these key questions facing investors today.

  • Will there be a recession this year?
  • Will interest rates go lower or even negative?
  • How long will the market slump last?
  • Will global markets keep underperforming?
  • What impact will politics have on the markets?
  • What are the risks to our outlook?
  • What common mistakes can I avoid?
  • How can I put all the pieces together?

Retirement by Design

Wednesday, October 28

Noon-1pm | Mt. Pleasant Campus | Community Room

Thinking about retirement can bring some questions to mind, such as

  • What will I do when I retire?
  • Am I saving enough?
  • Will I even be able to retire?

We’ll discuss how you can translate your vision for retirement into tangible goals. Whether you are 10 or 40 years from retirement, you’ll learn investment strategies you can use now to help design the retirement you want tomorrow.


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Erin Ludwig - Edward Jones


Erin Ludwig, Edward Jones

Erin Ludwig is a financial advisor for Edward Jones in Clare, Michigan. Erin graduated from Central Michigan University in 2004 with a bachelors in Integrated Public Relations and is a member of the Mid Michigan College Foundation, Community Relations Committee for the Mt. Pleasant Area Community Foundation, Pastoral Council at St. Joseph, and the Mt. Pleasant Jaycees. She enjoys giving back to the local community and has generously taught a number of other financial lifelong learning classes at Mid.


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