DIY Home Maintenance Series

DIY Home Maintenance Series


These classes are designed to help you save money by successfully making minor home repairs. You'll learn essential skills hands-on so you'll be confident in making repairs at home and on your own.

Note: Participants are required to wear gloves and safety glasses at each class. If you do not have these items they can be purchased at the class.

Class Details

Date & Time

ALL Wednesdays
(See each class description for dates and details.)



$30 per session
$5 per safety kit (CED.1065.H07 - #63057)


Harrison Campus, Ken Kerswill Theatre Lab

Upcoming Class Sessions

Basic Tool Usage & Safety

CED.1065.H01 - #63051


Learn the fundamentals of common tools such as a chop saw, table saw, Skil saw, jigsaw, sander, finish nailer, and essential plumbing tools . You'll leave this class knowing what type of tool to buy for your project and how to use them safely.


CED.1065.H02 - #63052


Brighten up any space in no time as you learn how to paint a room in your home/apartment with easy DIY steps. Leave this class knowing how to repair minor holes/imperfections, prepare surfaces, and paint walls like a DIY-pro.


CED.1065.H03 - #63053


Bored with an outdated faucet? Getting tired of that drip? Changing or installing a new faucet is a fairly simple home improvement task. Learn the basic sink parts, what you’ll need to replace a faucet, and how to complete the task. You'll be going with the flow in no time!

Trim & Molding

CED.1065.H04 - #63054


Give your basic drywall and paint project a polished, finished look with trim and molding. Learn what tools are used to install trim, calculating how much trim is needed, different joint types, measuring, cutting, installing, and finishing. Leave this class with the skills to put a professional finish on your project that you can take pride in.

Hanging Items

CED.1065.H05 - #63055

January 6

Learn the essentials of hanging level items securely to the wall. Leave this class knowing how to use a stud finder and self-leveling laser, as well as how to hang shelves, pictures, flat screen TVs, blinds, mirrors, and curtain rods.

Light Switches

CED.1065.H06 - #63056

January 20

Whatever your reason for replacing a light switch, your first instinct may be to call an electrician. Changing the light switch is a simple and inexpensive DIY project. Learn electrical safety, basic wiring, different types of switches, and how to replace the most common types of light switches.


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