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Cooking Series

Cooking Series with Chef Steve Rudoni III

Would you like to learn cooking skills from a top area chef? Our new Lifelong Learning Cooking Series with Chef Steve Rudoni III is just the ticket.


6pm - 8:30pm

See each session below for full details.


$45 per session per person.

Limited to 12 students per session.


Morey Education Center - Shepherd

Cooking Series Topics

Knife Skills

October 19

Class Section | CED.1059.V01 Section Number | 62558

In this class, we cover everything you need to know about knives and how to use them in the kitchen. Proper knife skills are vital in the kitchen and knowing the proper technique can literally save you a finger. We start by learning how to sharpen, hone and properly hold this essential tool. Then we move through the basics of how to chop an onion and mince garlic, to practicing chiffonade and a full range of professional chopping cuts from julienne to brunoise. This session is aimed to give you the confidence to chop like a pro!

Food Handling and Safety

October 26

Class Section | CED.1059.V02 Section Number | 62559

Do you know the difference between food borne illness and food poisoning? Or food safety, sanitation and personal hygiene? Knowing the ins and outs of food safety is imperative if you’re cooking for groups of people or your family. Knowing how to clean, separate, cook and chill various types of food can help you reduce the risk of illness, reduce food waste and save on costs.

Cooking on a Budget

November 2

Class Section | CED.1059.V03 Section Number | 62560

Food makes up a lot of our budgets! Cooking on a budget shouldn't mean canned beans and ramen noodles night after night. This session teaches you the tips and tricks on making budget friendly meals that taste like they come from a five-star restaurant!

Seasonal/Root Vegetables

November 9

Class Section | CED.1059.V04 Section Number | 62561

Transform nutritious vegetables into crave-worthy meals your family will love with essential techniques for cooking seasonal vegetables year-round. Chef Rudoni will share his expert tips for cutting and roasting winter squash with ease, incorporating hearty greens such as spinach or kale into mouthwatering pastas and even caramelizing Brussels sprouts and pairing them with crispy pancetta for a dish that will please your pickiest eater.



Class Section | CED.1059.V05 Section Number | 62562

Spices are the backbone of many recipes. This class will teach you how to identify common spices, the best way to store spices, which spices should always be used fresh, as opposed to ground, and how to effectively grind whole spices. You will learn how to make your own blended spices (ex: chili powder, Italian seasoning, Chinese five spice, etc.), as well as other techniques that will help you get the most out of your spices (such as what a mortar and pestle is and how to use them, cleaning your spice grinder and blooming and toasting spices to extract maximum flavor. You will also learn how to identify and use exotic ingredients such as saffron and whole vanilla beans. This class will cover everything you need to know about these important kitchen staples.



Class Section | CED.1059.V06 Section Number | 62563

Discover the secrets to modern sauces that come together quickly to elevate any meal. Start by mastering the ratio of acid to oil for a classic vinaigrette dressing. Next, a quick and easy (but mighty flavorful) sauce to add to any dish is a creamy cheddar mornay. Don't know how to make that? It's simple and everyone loves it! Then, learn how to make flavorful sauces such as a cilantro pesto that will make you rethink everything you thought you knew about this classically basil-based delight. You will learn how easy it can be to add fresh salsa verde, chimichurri, plum chutney and more to your weeknight repertoire for dishes that surprise and delight. Did you know that nuts are a traditional sauce ingredient around the world more than just peanut butter? Find out how easy it can be to whip up a totally addictive Vietnamese peanut sauce you'll love impress your friends at home with on Asian cuisine night. Finally, master two pasta sauces that come together in under 15 minutes and satisfy your craving for hearty bolognese or a meatless mushroom ragu!



Class Section | CED.1059.V07 Section Number | 62564

Become the steak master you want to be and learn how to properly apply heat to meat! There is nothing more impressive in a meal than a juicy, fresh-out-of-the-pan or off the grill steak that has been prepared, cooked and rested correctly (and deliciously)!

In this course, you will learn how to identify premium cuts of meat and understand how to temp/prepare them for cooking. You will learn to cook premium steaks using two different methods and Chef Rudoni will show you how to determine doneness and why it is vital to rest meat prior to serving. You will also learn about the advantages of cooking steaks on the grill versus in a pan.
To top off your perfectly pan-seared steak, we will teach you how to make a quick and delicious sauce using the same pan and oils, guaranteed to please your guests!

By learning just a few simple techniques, you will be able to confidently and consistently cook moist and juicy steaks every time.



Class Section | CED.1059.V08 Section Number | 62565

Learn how to create restaurant-quality seafood at home with Chef Rudoni! While seafood can be intimidating to take on at home, this class led by Chef Rudoni will give you the skills and confidence to source and cook fresh and nourishing seafood meals at home.

In this class, you'll learn an array of bright and beautiful California coastal preparations for popular types of fish and shellfish. You'll master the art of fileting, butter-poaching, sauteeing your seafood. Tonight's class we will focus on three main dishes including a butter-poached shrimp appetizer with a punchy soy-reduction ginger sauce, a sautéed herb-forward salmon, a fail-proof seared scallop with a garlic glaze, as well as a fantastic all-purpose side dish of new potatoes and chard.


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Instructor Bio

Chef Steve Rudoni III has a passion for whatever he undertakes and teaching will be no exception. He feels the kitchen setting is a great place to inspire and engage students in their own culinary journey.

A local mid-Michigan guy that has literally grown up in the kitchen. As a kid in diapers you could find Steve wandering around his family's owned and operated KFC restaurants. When he wasn't there you could probably find him in the woods hunting, fishing or forging at his family house in Edmore. Steve attended Sacred Heart Academy in Mt. Pleasant and soon after graduation his cooking career began.

As the former head sous-chef at Fireside Grill in Shepherd, he currently works as a head saucier chef at Camille's Prime in Mt. Pleasant. At Camille's Prime he specializes in fresh seafood, meats, sauces, vegetables and knife-work.

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