Logistics and Supply Chain Management Topics

Mid offers training in several areas, including the examples listed below. If you don't see the training you need in this list, contact us and we can locate a qualified instructor to provide the training for your team.

  • Just-in-Time: Supply Chain, Logistics, Inventory and Production Using World-
  • Wide JIT Principles
  • Logistics and Supply Chain
  • Supply Chain Management: Process, Methods, and Strategy Warehousing
International Supply Chain Management
  • Building Safety and Diversity in Supply Base
  • Campus Location and Supplier Communities of Excellence
  • Commodity Management
  • Cross-Docking, Routes, and Modes
  • Error Proofing and Supply Chain (RFID, ILS, Bar Code)
  • Freight, Shipping, and Tax
  • Global Supply Chain: Business and Regulatory Considerations
  • Supply Chain Management: Software and Process Excellence
  • Leadership: Buyer and Lead Buyer Best Practices
  • Process Innovation and Procurement
  • Metrics and indicators for GP&S
  • Supply Chain: Globalization and Localization
  • Supply Chain: Risk vs. Lean
  • Logistics: 3rd and 4th Party Solutions and Lead Logistics Providers
  • Negotiations with Suppliers
  • Total Cost of Ownership
  • Value Stream Mapping Supply Logistics, Engineering, Manufacturing, and
  • Procurement
  • Terms and Cost of Capital
  • Volume Discounts and Length of Deal
  • International Supply and Demand Foundations
  • Leveraging the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software and Process
  • Lead Time Reduction
  • Stochastic Models and Value Management
  • Scale and Robust Supply Chain Principle
  • Supplier Scorecard: Quality, Cost, Timing, Risk, and Innovation Gains
  • Introduction to Imports and Exports

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