When others were reading the latest installment of Hunger Games, you were brushing up on the Gettysburg Address. To say you have a passion for history and political systems is an understatement. History examines the past and the impact of past decisions on the present and future. Political science studies the systems of governance and political structures. If you're considering this pathway, you're interested in what came before and how it impacts us today.

Mid offers a History & Political Science pathway that prepares you to pursue a bachelor's or more advanced degree.

Mid offers History & Political Science Transfer Pathway that prepares you to pursue a bachelor's or more advanced degree.

What degree do I earn?

Associate in Arts - Liberal Studies Transfer

Why isn't it a History/Political Science degree

While your degree may not say history and political science, the courses in your Guided Pathway are focused on these topics.

Students are encouraged to meet with an Mid Mentor to select courses that are appropriate for their academic and career goals.

  • Historian
  • Archival Science
  • Library Services
  • Political Office
  • Campaign Management
  • Archeology
  • Education

These are just a few examples, many other careers are connected to this field of study. Additional education or training may be required for certain career choices.

  • the narrative and analysis of events, ideas, movements, citizens, governments, and leaders.

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