Pathway Information

  • Total Credits | 60
  • Pathway Result | Associate in Arts
  • Special Notes |

Pathway Course Sequence

Semester 1 | 16 Credits

  • COM.101 Fundamentals of Communication (3 Credits) ^ OR
    • COM.257 Public Speaking (3 Credits) ^
  • ENG.111 Freshman English Composition (3 Credits) ^
  • HIS.211 History of the United States I (3 Credits)
  • MAT.107 College Algebra (3 Credits)
  • PSC.102 Introductory Physical Science (4 Credits)

Semester 2 | 15 Credits

  • MUS.275 Music Appreciation (3 Credits)
  • EDU.107 Introduction to Teaching (3 Credits)
  • ENG.112 Introduction to Literature (3 Credits)
  • HIS.212 History of the United States II (3 Credits)
  • PSY.101 Introduction to General Psychology (3 Credits)

Semester 3 | 13 Credits

  • ENG.222 Expository Writing and Research (3 Credits) ^
  • GEL.101 Physical Geology (4 Credits)
  • MAT.118 Mathematics for Elementary Teachers I (3 Credits)
  • ART.245 Art in Elementary Schools (3 Credits)

Semester 4 | 16 Credits

  • BIO.101 College Biology (4 Credits)
  • HIS.223 History of Michigan (3 Credits)
  • ENG.281 Children's Literature (3 Credits)
  • POL.201 Introduction to American Government (3 Credits)
  • PSY.212 Developmental Psychology (3 Credits)

Additional Pathway Information

What's a pathway?

A pathway is a course sequence designed to help you explore interests and complete program of study requirements efficiently and affordably. You can explore more about specific courses in Self-Service.

Can I customize a pathway?

Pathways can be customized to meet your specific needs. Courses designated by a '^' are required and cannot be changed.

How do I create my pathway?

Applicants and current students are encouraged to meet with a Mid Mentor to create or edit their personalized pathway to success. Once created, students can view their customized pathway in Self-Service at any time. Schedule an appointment with a Mid Mentor today!

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