Build a Foundation in Communication

You value meaningful messages and appreciate the research, design, and effort that goes into crafting such a message. You're interested in understanding audiences and relationships, crafting messages, and creating content. You're looking for a career that allows your passion for storytelling, journalism, marketing, or performance to shine. A bachelor's or advanced degree is part of your future plans.

Job Outlook
  • $62k
    Median pay for Public Relation Specialists
  • $60k
    Median pay for Interpreters and Translators
  • $59K
    Median pay for Editors

Seamless Transfer to Michigan Colleges & Universities

As a Mid student, you’ll earn an Associate in Arts degree designed for seamless transfer to other Michigan colleges and universities.

Mid participates in MiTransfer Pathways, a statewide partnership that identifies key courses you can apply toward a bachelor’s degree. It simplifies transfer and offers guidance for transferring specific courses to schools across Michigan.

Get more info about transfer and course equivalencies at the MiTransfer website.

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Starting at Mid and transferring to a four-year school can save you $12,000-24,000 off the cost of a typical bachelor’s degree.

Our participation in MiTransfer means your Mid credits will transfer seamlessly to many Michigan colleges and universities. You can complete nearly half the credits required for a bachelor’s degree before graduating from Mid.

Along the way, you’ll receive personalized advice and support from your Mid Mentor and other people and programs committed to your success.

Communication MiTransfer

The need for effective communication professionals is growing across the State and Nation. This pathway prepares you to transfer and succeed in a four-year college or university program, and introduces you to communication concepts such as public speaking, language, intercultural communication, group dynamics.

  • Public Relations Specialists
  • Interpreters and Translators
  • Editors
  • Reporters, Correspondents, and Broadcast News Analysts

Save $ Starting at Mid can save you up to $24,000 off the cost of a bachelor’s degree.

Succeed Your Mid Mentor will provide the personalized support you need.

Communication MiTransfer

Community colleges and universities have collaborated to simplify the transfer process by developing MiTransfer Pathways. These transfer pathways build on the Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA), which makes it easier for students to transfer their general education courses earned at Mid Michigan College to participating four-year institutions in Michigan.

View Mid Michigan College’s MTA requirements.

Communication faculty identified courses that will transfer between community colleges and universities in Michigan.

The following courses at Mid Michigan College are guaranteed to transfer to communication programs of participating institutions.

COM 257
Public Speaking 3
COM 261
Interpersonal Communication 3
COM 253
Small Group Communication 3

Mid Michigan College Degree Requirements

Mid Michigan College requires at least 25 additional credits to meet the 62 credit associate degree requirement minimum. These remaining credits should be chosen in consultation with an advisor.

Transfer Institution Degree Requirements

Transfer institutions have identified remaining degree requirements that a student can take at Mid Michigan College that will transfer to a participating biology program.

To view the details about each pathway including the full agreement, for each institution, visit the MI Transfer website.

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