Mid offers the CADD Program at two campus locations, Harrison and Mt. Pleasant. All DRF/CAD classes are taught at the Harrison Technical Education Center and/or the Morey Technical Education Center in Mt. Pleasant. Each location has a main computer lab where the DRF/CAD courses are held, and open computer labs where various CAD software programs are also installed.

Mid's CAD Program now has one of the best-equipped industrial 3D printing labs in the state.

Through a partnership with Lyseon Additive Manufacturing, Mid's Harrison Technical Education Center is now home to a Stratasys 3D printing lab complete with over $1 million in professional-grade 3D printers and materials.

"Students can now gain the skills and experience needed for high-tech, in-demand careers related to 3D printing right here at Mid - an opportunity they can't find anywhere else."

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Leading-Edge Technology

Mid's CAD Program offers courses in three of the most up-to-date, in-demand, industry standard software programs. Graduates can be assured they will be fluent in the following CAD software programs:

  • SolidWorks (2D & 3D Mechanical Drafting & Design)
  • AutoDesk AutoCAD ( 2D Mechanical Drafting)
  • AutoDesk Revit (2D & 3D Drafting & Design)

Each CAD Lab is supplied with 24 computer stations with the latest Windows operating system, as well as the most up-to-date hardware and software as required for running the CAD software programs efficiently.

students in cad lab classroom

3D Printing & Prototyping

Students in Mid's CADD Program have the opportunity to gain experience with 3D printing and prototyping. At the Harrison Campus Technical Education Center’s 3D Printing Lab we have (8) 3D printers along with some other prototyping and product design equipment/technology. Plans are in place to add a 3D Printing Lab at the Morey Technical Education Center in Mt. Pleasant in the near future.

3d printers in harrison technical education center

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Mid's CAD Program adds 3D printers for leading-edge learning!

Students in Mid's Computer Aided Drafting & Design (CADD) Program have the opportunity to gain experience with 3D printing and prototyping. At the Harrison Campus Technical Education Center’s 3D Printing Lab (8) 3D printers along with some other prototyping and product design equipment/technology are available. There are plans in place to add a 3D Printing Lab at the Morey Technical Education Center in Mt. Pleasant in the near future.

"With the addition of a 3D printer to our CAD Program at Mid, students are better able to visualize design concepts and physically test their designs, truly understanding why a part worked or why it didn't,” says Eric Sander, Mid Michigan College CAD Instructor. “This technology has really added a new learning dynamic for my students."

Manufacturing companies that would like a 3D model fabricated for a prototype part, can email the electronic file to Mid’s CADD Faculty, Eric Sander. With the assistance of the instructor, students import the file and generate a 3D printed prototype for the local company’s use.

New Industry Partner Provides Cutting Edge Equipment!

Lyseon Additive Manufacturing has been a leader in the additive manufacturing sector since its inception in 2014. Lyseon has partnered with Mid to provide our students access to cutting-edge technology, allowing them to gain valuable experience in the entire additive manufacturing process. This partnership also provides an opportunity for Lyseon to implement their strategic initiative to pursue growth opportunities in the mid-Michigan region with the eventual goal of expanding their operations in the area.

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New 3D Printing Industry-Recognized Certification!

The College has partnered with Stratasys, a global leader in 3D printing technology, and is now able to offer two new courses and a nationwide industry-recognized certification in professional 3D printing and additive manufacturing. This certification is available to those students who complete the CADD associate degree pathway. This certification will give graduates a competitive-edge in the employment market and essential skills that are relevant to the future of the industry. In addition, current CADD professionals in the area can complete the new courses and earn the certification as well.

Meaningful inspiration brings a project to life!

Beth Curtis re-engineers a gripping tool in SolidWorks.

Beth displays her finished 3D printed product.

Beth Curtis hails from Harrison and began studying at Mid with her goal to find success in a stable career while staying in the local area top of mind. "I took an Advanced Integrated Manufacturing course initially, but shortly thereafter I took a CADD course and Instructor Eric Sander's passion for the CADD field inspired me to change my focus."

Beth's first 3D printed project was inspired by her passion to care for and help others. Her grandmothers, who both valued their independence, faced difficulty gripping silverware after several health issues. "Not being able to be as independent as they were before was difficult for both of them," shared Beth. "I worked at an adult care facility previously and watching those residents and both of my grandmothers struggle to perform simple tasks like enjoying a meal, inspired me to re-engineer a utensil gripping tool as my 3D printing project."

Beth re-engineered the tool in SolidWorks, previewed the printing process, developed prototypes, and perfected her design using Mid's 3D printers and PLA plastic. The material costs for the tool were just .96 cents, and she was able to successfully create a functional tool to help others grip silverware and writing utensils and improve their quality of life.

"I particularly enjoy the hums and chirps the 3D printers make while printing. It's almost as if the printers are letting you know your project is coming to life!"

Beth demonstrates how the gripping tool is used.

"The CADD field offers so many possibilities and I still have a lot to learn, but I'm motivated to complete my degree and begin my career every time I hear a CADD graduate success story, which is often! In the near future I plan to complete my CADD associate degree and start a career at a local manufacturing company."

Beth's CADD Tip | Use a glue stick to coat the 3D printing platform before you start printing your project. The glue helps the product stay in place and secure throughout the printing process.

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