This Supervisory Skills training helps team leaders, supervisors, and other managers communicate more effectively with the people they supervise.

Training Details

Time & Date

  • Tuesday, February 27
  • 8am - 4:30pm


  • $275 per person
  • Lunch is included


  • Mt. Pleasant Campus | Morey Technical Education Center | Room 108

Training Outline

Trainees will learn to interact in a way that builds trust, develop influence skills, deal effectively with difficult subjects, facilitate open and honest communication, and improve relationships and performance.

The focus will be on seeking to understand prior to being understood, clarifying and communicating expectations, and finding common ground despite disagreement.

  • Avoid the common pitfalls supervisors and managers face
  • Deepen your understanding of employee motivation
  • Create an environment where trust can be established quickly
  • Become aware of the gap between intention and impact of behavior
  • Learn how to give clear expectations
  • Practice giving negative feedback in a positive way
  • Delegate work strategically

Recognizing communication styles

  • Recognizing and allowing for differences in how people communicate
  • Flexing to accommodate other styles

Developing trust

  • Four communication tools to increase build, maintain or repair trust
  • Understanding peoples’ motivations

Giving feedback and improving performance

  • Difference between criticism and feedback
  • Helping employees improve their performance

Building Influence skills

  • Creating buy-in among employees
  • Persuasion techniques
Harrison Campus Technical Education Center
Mt. Pleasant Campus Morey Technical Education Center