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The 2024 trip has been postponed. Stay tuned for future trip details!

Uniquely and strategically located between Europe and Asia, Istanbul has thousands of years of fascinating history, stunning ancient and contemporary architecture, and a large geographical border with Iraq and Syria which puts Turkey at the center of a confluence of different cultures.

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Iliana Miller, Communication Faculty at Mid, will lead this immersive learning experience. Mid students will be hosted at Nisantasi University and accompanied by a group of students from Istanbul. The trip includes a guided tour of the city of Istanbul, a cruise through the Bosphorus Straits with a stop on the Asian side of the city, a traditional food field trip, and a visit with Syrian refugees, which will present students with an opportunity to experience cultural narratives and build an understanding of common traditions and values.

This course is paired with readings in advance of the trip and reflection writing after our return, and is open to all students.

Course Information


  • To register for the Istanbul Study Abroad course, connect with your Mid Mentor and select either ENG.225 or HUM.225 during the Summer 2024 semester, whichever best fits your program or pathway.
    • ENG.225/ HUM.225 | This is an interdisciplinary study abroad course, offering students the opportunity to study different aspects of a specific society. Students will interact directly with the idiosyncrasies of a specific culture and understand aspects such as language, history, food, currency, religion, architecture, and ideas. The course consists of lectures, tours, field research, cultural events, interviews, meetings with local experts, and a journal.
      • Prerequisites: Instructor's Approval
      • 3 credit hours
      • Main Areas of Focus
        • Ancient History of Anatolia
        • Turkish Imperial History, Architecture, Ottoman Art, Calligraphy, Ancient Weapons
        • Turkish Food and Culture, Culinary Traditions, Turkish Hospitality, History, Islamic Music, Instruments, and Dance
        • Turkey’s Modern History, Politics, Economy, Technology, and Environment

About the Trip

Students who need to fulfill a humanities requirement for their program or pathway, specifically HUM 225, are best suited for this study abroad opportunity. HUM 225 is part of the Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA), an agreement between all community colleges in Michigan, its 15 public universities, and a number of other institutions. The MTA is a 30-credit block of transferrable credits that count primarily toward general education requirements. 

  • Info coming soon!

  • The sites and excursions listed below include attractions and landmarks in field trips that take students to different parts of Istanbul for several hours each day. These excursions are built to support and strengthen the course curriculum and learning outcomes.
  • Three hours of classroom instruction time is also scheduled each day.

  • TRAVEL FEES Approximately $2,300 per student
    • Includes round trip airfare Detroit-Istanbul-Detroit, transportation to and from the airport, travel insurance, transportation in Istanbul to course-related destinations, entrance fees to select landmarks and attractions, guided sightseeing by local experts, regional-style meals for breakfast and lunch, and hotel accommodations.
    • Students are responsible for the required passports/visas, tips for tour guides and bus drivers, spending money for souvenirs/shopping, any non-course related transportation, snacks, and one meal each day.
  • TUITION & FEES Approximately $800 per in-district student and $1,200 per out-district student.
  • FINANCIAL AID Contact Financial Aid prior to making a deposit for this course to determine if financial aid will be available to cover a portion of your tuition and fees.

Trip Itinerary

  • Nisantasi University visit (campus tour, meet faculty and students).
  • Meet the on-site study abroad team and attend orientation.
  • Connect with students from Nisantasi University.
  • Lunch
  • Learn to Navigate Istanbul’s Metro.

  • Historic Tour spotlights the history, art, and architecture of Istanbul including a walking tour of Sultanahmet Plaza, Hagia Sofia, Blue Mosque, Egyptian Obelisk, Serpentine Column, Column of Constantine Porphyrgenitus, and the German Fountain.

  • Tour the Dancing Fountain Mall in Asian Istanbul, the face of modern Istanbul. Built by the same company as the fountain in front of Burj Khalifa in Dubai, the fountain offers fun music shows synchronized with water movements, colored laser lights, and fireworks. The mall complex showcases the cultural and culinary diversity of the city. The trip offers a unique shopping experience with a mix of stores, ranging from beauty to electronics, clothing to home decor, souvenirs and toys.

  • Tour the Egyptian Market, Golden Horn, Galata Tower, Istiklal Avenue, Taksim Square, and Ataturk Bridge, the first bridge to connect Europe and Asia.
  • Admire the beauty of Istanbul on a Bosphorus Straits cruise accompanied by students and faculty from Nisantasi University.

  • Tour Dolmabahce, Topkapi Palace, and explore the architecture, art, and history of the Ottoman Empire.

  • Visit Istanbul University, founded in 1435, it is the oldest in Turkey, and enjoy a lunch and tour hosted by Istanbul University faculty.
  • Visit and interview Syrian Refugees.

  • Farewell photos and travel back to Michigan.

Important Dates & Next Steps

Coming soon!


  • Students who register for the trip are eligible for a $300 minimum scholarship! 
  • Scholarships are limited. Amounts may vary. Contact trip organizers for details.

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Iliana Miller

(989) 386-6622 x547

Harrison Campus

  • Room 252A

Mt. Pleasant Campus

  • CLAB 176A