What are Open Educational Resources?

The Hewlett Foundation defines Open Educational Resources (OER) as teaching, learning and research resources that reside in the public domain or have been released under an intellectual property license that permits their free use and re-purposing by others. Open Educational Resources can be a variety of forms including full courses, videos, textbooks, and any other tools that could be used to share knowledge. OER can be accessed online, but can also be purchased in the bookstore for just the cost of printing.

Student Savings at Mid

Since the first OER course offered in 2016, faculty at Mid have helped reduce textbook costs and have saved students $2.3 million in textbook costs!

Currently, Mid has 21 courses that utilize OER.


NEW Z-Degrees Available!

Mid's Z-Degrees, Zero Textbook Cost Pathways, mean you can achieve your goal of an associate degree by completing courses with zero conventional textbook costs by using alternative instructional materials and methodologies, including open educational resources (OER). Learn more about Z-Degree pathways using the links below.

Programs & Pathways Using OER

Links to overview of each program or pathway.

heading Degree or Credential Earned % OER
Communication MiTransfer Associate in Arts 50% +
History & Political Science Transfer Associate in Arts 50% +
Liberal Studies Transfer Associate in Arts 50% +
Liberal Studies Transfer - Z-Degree Associate in Arts 50% +
Math Transfer Associate in Science 50% +
Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA) MTA Endorsement 50% +
Psychology MiTransfer Associate in Arts 50% +
Chemistry Transfer Associate in Science Nearly 50%
Criminal & Social Justice Transfer Associate in Arts Nearly 50%
Physics Transfer Associate in Science Nearly 50%
Physics Transfer Math Prep Associate in Science Nearly 50%
Secondary Education Transfer Associate in Arts Nearly 50%
Social Work MiTransfer Associate in Arts Nearly 50%

Available Mid Courses with OER Options

heading Course Name OER Resource
AAP.264 Business Communication II Various OER
BIO.103 Concepts of Genetics and Biotech Various OER
BIO.107 Introduction to Wildlife Management Various OER
BUS.171 Principles of Sales Various OER
CHM.111 General College Chemistry I Various OER
COM.101 Fundamentals of Communication Various OER
COM.195 Intercultural Communication The Art of Being Human
COM.257 Public Speaking Various OER
ENG.110 Academic Writing Various OER
MAT.101 Basic Mathematics Various OER
MAT.104 Basic Algebra Various OER
MAT.105 Intermediate Algebra Various OER
MAT.212 Intro to Probability & Statistics Introductory Statistics
MID.150 Career Readiness Various OER
PHY.105 Intro College Physics I College Physics
PHY.212 University Physics II University Physics Vol. 2
PSC.101 Intro Astronomy Astronomy
PSY.101 Intro to General Psychology Psychology
PSY.230 Social Psychology: A Psychological Perspective Various OER
SOC.101 Principles of Sociology Introduction to Sociology 2e
SPN.101 Elementary Spanish I Various OER