Vision 2020: Overview

Mid Michigan College sets forth Vision 2020, our Strategic Plan for 2016-2020. It is a plan based on evidence and it is built on the foundation of the College’s first 50 years. The Vision 2020 aspirations and objectives will build a bridge to the College’s place in the 21st century. For each of the next four years, we identify specific measurable targets that are ambitious but achievable.

Vision 2020 integrates the recommendations of many individuals and groups. Input from advisory councils, academic and administrative departments, and the committees and councils of our shared governance system broadened the vision. The Plan was further enhanced by the thoughtful contributions of more than 200 individuals who participated in focus groups related to the 2015 Campus Master Plan.

Vision 2020 reinforces our commitment to the College’s four enduring goals:

  • Encouraging Student Success
  • Engaging the Community
  • Enhancing Employee Impact
  • Ensuring Institutional Effectiveness

Our Strategic Plan is based on evidence. It acknowledges our strengths. It sets forth our vision of the College we aspire to be. It identifies objectives that will make us a stronger College over the next four years.

Recognizing that we are wiser collectively than we are individually, we invite you to work with us as we continue to build this very special place called Mid.

A Vision Based on Evidence and Experience

Mid Michigan College bases its vision for the future on evidence and experience at the national, state, and local levels.

In 2014 and 2015 members of the Mid community reflected on the College’s achievements in its first fifty years[1] and laid the foundation for its future. In college committees, academic and administrative departments, welcome-week workshops, and professional development days, we considered research that places the College in today’s political, economic, and social context.[2] We launched the Office of Institutional Research, incorporated data into the shared governance system, and gathered for monthly Data Discussions to gain a greater understanding of our strengths and challenges at Mid.

Through these efforts, we have come to recognize the critical role that community colleges like Mid play in the future of our state and nation. We have come to see student success as an imperative for each of our students and for the well-being of our communities.

Through a reconstituted shared governance system, we have gained greater respect for the contributions of everyone at Mid in creating a vision for the College’s future.

Our 2020 Vision remains true to our values, our mission, and our enduring goals. Our plan builds on our strengths in each area, expresses Vision 2020 aspirations, and identifies objectives. In each of the coming years, faculty and staff will set targets by which we can measure and report our results.

[1] Verch, Ronald. The History of Mid Michigan College. 2014

[2] Find resources related to Vision 2020

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