This half-day event makes it easier for entire teams to participate and features three keynote speakers and a team-enhancing panel discussion with experts on how working together as a team allows the organization to go further faster. You are going to learn practical principles for building healthy teams from our keynote speakers and panelists - principles that will make you a better leader tomorrow.

Event Details

8:30am-Noon Wednesday, February 7

Mid Michigan College | Mt. Pleasant Campus | Community Room

Leadercast Tickets

Tickets for Leadercast SuperTeams are just $50 per person.


Mid Michigan College teams interested in attending should use this form to purchase tickets for this on-site event.

Have questions?

For more information about Leadercast, contact Lori Fassett at (989) 386-6692 or lfassett1@midmich.edu.

WHY attend Leadercast?

Let our world-renowned speakers inspire the leader within you – with insights, enthusiasm, and real-world advice you can’t do without. Who better to learn from than people who’ve met the same leadership challenges as you, and succeeded?

Leadercast is your ticket to becoming the best leader you can be—NOW and in the future. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience, yet it’s also part of a leadership journey in which individuals and groups come back to re-ignite year after year.

Attend Leadercast to receive a wide array of valuable benefits, including the opportunity to

  • Get empowered by world-class speakers who show you how to become a more effective leader
  • Let each of these speakers provide you with useful takeaways, including digital summaries you can share when you return to the office
  • Surround yourself with other leaders who share your passion for learning and leading
  • Focus solely on self-improvement by removing yourself from your work environment and immersing yourself in the event
  • Spark your creativity and fill yourself with fire-in-the-belly determination to drive your team to new levels of achievement
  • See why leading yourself is a vital prerequisite to leading others
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