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Commencement 2023

Commencement 2023

Thursday, May 4
Honors Convocation
Friday, May 5
Nursing Pinning
CeremonySaturday, May 6
Commencement Ceremony

Visit our website for full details.

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Versiti Blood Drive

Thursday, June 15

Mt. Pleasant Campus
1:30PM-6PM | Community Room

Schedule your donation today!

Sweat Shaker Mountain Bike Race

Mountain Bike Race

Saturday, June 24

Register early for this our spring mountain bike race on the Harrison Campus trails.

Visit our website for details

Consider Joining PTK at MID

Consider Joining PTK at Mid!

PTK is the is the premier honor society recognizing the academic achievement of students at associate degree-granting colleges.

Learn more.
Visit our PTK webpage.

Financial Avenue

Financial Avenue

Provides you with smart resources to help demystify the world of personal finance. Mid has teamed up with Inceptia to give you a leg up on financial education via their online program

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May 29
College Closed

Monday, May 29

May 31
Summer 2023 - Tuition Due by 4pm

Students with a balance may be deregistered from their classes.

Wednesday, May 31

Jun 15
Versiti Blood Drive

Mt. Pleasant Campus | Community Room

Did you know that even though approximately 38% of the population is eligible to donate blood, less than 5% actually do?
Donate at Mid's Mt. Pleasant Campus 1:30pm-6pm Thursday, June 15 in the Community Room.
Click Here to Schedule Your Donation!

Thursday, Jun 15

1:30pm - 6:00pm

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