I wish to share with all of you how much we are troubled by the tragedy at Michigan State University, and the impact that this senseless act of terror has on Mid students, and upon our internal and external communities. Our hearts are with our sister institution, and everyone who has been affected by this tragedy.

Mid's Counseling & Wellness Services Team is available to provide support and resources to students and staff members. The College's Core Crisis Team will continue to strengthen emergency preparedness and institute plans and actions to be more proactive with all types of risk management.

Consistent themes from discussions with colleagues and external partners include calls for heightening awareness, moving toward more advanced and collaborative behavioral threat assessment, forming multi-disciplinary teams and networks to plan and work together in developing and refining emergency plans, sharing access to state-of-the-art training programs, and the need to consider and explore the widest possible range of potential emergencies in order to update emergency operations plans and risk management plans accordingly.

We will continue making efforts to advance our best practices. I encourage all who are members and supporters of Mid to engage in well-informed and respectful discussions in order to help us make and support the very best actions possible, even beyond those that have already been implemented.

Thank you for supporting Mid Michigan College and our colleagues, and for all the ways in which we support one another--especially in times of great need.

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