In order to highlight student work and innovation, Mid Michigan College hosted a Student Showcase on each campus. The showcase on the Harrison Campus featured 35 projects from 40 students, while the Mt. Pleasant Campus event featured 101 projects from over 150 students. Projects highlighted work from various programs of study including welding, biology, education, drafting, visual arts, and more.


“The Student Showcase is an important event that allows students to interact with staff, faculty, and community members as they present their work and answer questions,” said Ryan Dziedzic, Biology Lectureship and Student Showcase Committee Member. “The event closes the loop on skills like strategic planning, critical thinking, and public speaking.”

Exhibits included an array of projects and displays, including research papers, speeches, sculptures, short films, posters, and demonstrations, from both general education and career-technical courses.

“We learn so much when we learn from each other,” noted Mid President Tim Hood. “The Student Showcase celebrates both our students’ accomplishments and our faculty members’ commitment to supporting student learning.”

Students were also recognized for efforts that went above and beyond typical projects with several awards.

Harrison Award Winners

  • Emillie Marvel (Farwell) | Analytic Inquiry Award
  • Curtiss Walden (Mt. Pleasant) | Applied and Collaborative Learning Award
  • Jon Bean (Lake City) | Applied and Collaborative Learning Award
  • Derek Doornink (Farwell) | Engaging in Diverse Perspectives Award
  • Emillie Marvel (Farwell) | Engaging in Diverse Perspectives Award
  • Lindsey Wennersten (Buckley) | Ethical Reasoning Award
  • Brandon Brewer (Shepherd) | Civic Engagement Award
  • Dane Parlier (Beaverton) | Civic Engagement Award
  • Andrea Booms (Clare) | Civic Engagement Award
  • Brandon Brewer (Shepherd) | Sustainability/Environmental Exploration Award
  • Dane Parlier (Beaverton) | Sustainability/Environmental Exploration Award
  • Kelsey Udell (Herron) | Showcase Engagement and Professionalism Award
  • Carey Udell (Herron) | Showcase Engagement and Professionalism Award
  • Brecken Corp (Mt. Pleasant) | President’s Award
  • Brecken Corp (Mt. Pleasant) | Live Performance Award
  • Katie Snow (Harrison) | Health & Wellness Award

Mt. Pleasant Award Winners

  • Hope Vusich (Alma) | Analytic Inquiry Award
  • Amber Tedhams (Alma) | Applied and Collaborative Learning Award
  • Alison Siemen (Harbor Beach) | Communicative Fluency Award
  • Ashly Gunn (Prudenville) | Quantitative Fluency Award
  • Jessica Wilson (Cadillac) | Quantitative Fluency Award
  • Emily Barlow (St. Louis) | Engaging in Diverse Perspectives Award
  • Landon Bartlett (Clare) | Civic Engagement Award
  • Amanda Morgenstern (Weidman) | Civic Engagement Award
  • Cody O’Neil (Mt. Pleasant) | Civic Engagement Award
  • Hayley Gomber (Mecosta) | Civic Engagement Award
  • Marhea Fay-Pease (Lake George) | Civic Engagement Award
  • Jayce Russel (Harrison) | Civic Engagement Award
  • Olivia Fisher (Prudenville) | Civic Engagement Award
  • Lily Gouin (Shepherd) | Sustainability/Environmental Exploration Award
  • Natalie Lloyd (Shepherd) | Sustainability/Environmental Exploration Award
  • Tessa Myers (Shepherd) | Sustainability/Environmental Exploration Award
  • Amber Tedhams (Alma) | Mid Michigan College Artist’s Award
  • Ellie Sickles (Shepherd) | Showcase Engagement and Professionalism Award
  • Jolie Fisher (Shepherd) | Showcase Engagement and Professionalism Award
  • Teresa Parks (Alma) | President’s Award
  • Jaydn Roy (Mayville) | Health & Wellness Award
  • Emily Barlow (St. Louis) | Board of Trustees Award

For more information about the Student Showcase, visit or contact Ryan Dziedzic at or (989) 386-6622 x116.

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