Collaboration. Fabrication. Installation. These are the building blocks of success in many industries, and with a new partnership and exceptional student work, Mid Michigan College is working with partners to support students as they turn ideas into realities.

Partnership with Lyseon Expands

Lyseon Additive Manufacturing has been a leader in the additive manufacturing sector since its inception in 2014, and recently expanded its partnership with Mid to provide the College with over $1 million in professional-grade 3D printers and materials.

“This collaboration is a prime example of bringing industry and education together,” said Tim Hood, Mid President. “We want to continue positioning the College as a major hub for advanced manufacturing technologies and workforce development in Michigan.”

The addition of these printers will provide students with access to cutting-edge technology, allowing them to gain valuable experience in the entire additive manufacturing process.

“This partnership provides students with the opportunity to work for Lyseon while they are learning and allows the company to expand their services in the mid-Michigan region,” explained Shawn Troy, Dean of Career & Workforce Education at Mid Michigan College.

Local businesses interested in exploring how 3D printing and additive manufacturing could enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of their processes are encouraged to reach out for a collaborative consultation.

“There is so much potential in this partnership for students and commerce,” noted Chris Williams, Lyseon Manufacturing Founder and CEO. “We look forward to the future and helping Mid students succeed.”


Mid President Tim Hood and Lyseon CEO Chris Williams shake hands after signing the partnership expansion agreement.

Students Create Exceptional Work Using 3D Printing & Drafting Technologies

Mid’s Computer Aided Drafting & Design (CADD) students tackle real-world projects and create exceptional solutions using drafting and Lyseon 3D printing technologies.

Lucas Glynn, of Ithaca, designed replacement emblems for a friend’s vehicle by designing in SolidWorks, printing using FDM printers and PLA filament, and then painting and installing the emblems using magnets.

“A friend of mine purchased a project vehicle, a 1978 Ford F600, and needed three-dimensional F-O-R-D letters for the hood,” explained Glynn. “It was a really rewarding experience to solve a problem for a friend while learning new skills, and it turned out great!”

Alexis DeYoung, of Lake City, uses her photography skills to create lithophane images, and then applied her drafting skills to use SolidWorks to develop a unique box to display and gift her artistic talents.

“I’ve been creating lithophanes for a while and really enjoy the process,” noted STUDENT LAST NAME. “It was exciting to use my new drafting skills to create a four-sided lightbox to display my photo creations, and my friend gets to remember her childhood dog in a beautiful way.”

Dustin Kerrins, of Gladwin, came to Mid as a 12-year Army veteran with five years of manufacturing experience to expand his skillset in drafting and 3D printing.

“I created a three-dimensional representation of a house plan using REVIT 2021, SolidWorks, and Lyseon 3D Printers,” said Kerrins. “It was a very fulling process to bring different technologies together to maximize their potential.”

Connect with Mid

Students interested in learning more about 3D printing and additive manufacturing, should explore the College’s available Computer Aided Drafting & Design and Advanced Integrated Manufacturing Pathways at

“Students interested in this fast-moving field should apply to Mid and connect with us right away so they are ready to get started in the upcoming semester,” explained Troy.

For more information about Mid’s Skilled Trades programs, visit or contact Shawn Troy at or (989) 386-6658.

Registration for the Fall Semester is currently underway at Mid. Interested students can request additional information at, apply online at, or contact Admissions at or (989) 386-6661.

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