Seventy-eight students were recently inducted as new members of Mid Michigan College’s Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) Honors Society Chapter.

“Being a member and officer of Mid’s PTK Chapter has been a meaningful and fulfilling experience, one in which I have grown as a scholar, leader, and community member,” noted Aaliyah Lannon, 2021-2022 Mid PTK Chapter Officer and Honors-in-Action Chairperson. “I’m excited and honored to welcome these new members to our ever-growing and successful Chapter.”


Pictured L-R Front Row: Anna Woodworth (2021-22 PTK Officer) Frederick Fuller (Gladwin), Katherine Gallagher (Mt. Pleasant), Ana McGuire (Weidman), Shayna Evans (Gladwin), Elizabeth Hoag (Beaverton), Sawyer Gerow (Beaverton), Haley Mattison (Lake City), Kailah Morgan (Gladwin), Cheyanne Barteck (Lake), Heidi Baize (Harrison), Christina Burch (Harrison), Zachariah Tolles (Paris), Tyrone Jones (2021-22 PTK Officer).

Pictured L-R Back Row: Jaedym Myers (2021-22 PTK Officer), Kristyen Sprague (Mt. Pleasant), Jesse Pratt (Mt. Pleasant), MaryEllen Hathaway (Harrison), Mary Silvers (Ithaca), Ren VanderMey (Mt. Pleasant), Sara Sparkman (Beaverton), Heather Breidenstein (Mt. Pleasant), Jessalyn Justice (2021-22 PTK Officer).

Not Pictured | Amenah Al Ramadan (Mt. Pleasant), Leighora Avery (Pompeii), Melissa Bailey (Mt. Pleasant), Jason Ballard (Harrison), Analey Bamberger (Twinning), Thomas Belcher (Mt. Pleasant), Emma Bergoldt (Vassar), Megan Bertrand (Gladwin), Maria Bianchi (St. Louis), Andrea Booms (Clare), Kassie Bovee (St. Louis), Kloe Campbell (Mt. Pleasant), Gabriel Clark (Merrill), Lane Clegg (Mt. Pleasant), Edward Cox (Marion), Aja Crandall (Alma), Cassandre Crandall (Alpena), Mia Damman (Barryton), Nadezda Danczyk (Mt. Pleasant), Damon Davis (St. Louis), Austin Dennis (Mt. Pleasant), Kellie Detzler (Gladwin), Alexis DeYoung (Lake City), Angela Diemer (Climax), Lucas Erber (Mt. Pleasant), Harmony Farrow (Gladwin), Chase Fitzsimmons (Mt. Pleasant), Zoe Goddard (Mt. Pleasant), Stella Govitz (Gladwin), Mitchell Hall (Beaverton), Stephanie Handrich (Shepherd), Brandy Hernandez (Shepherd), Kaitlin Hood (Mt. Pleasant), Alison Hopp (Clare), Lenagrace House (Rosebush), Brody Hovey (Rosebush), Rachel Kathrens (Mt. Pleasant), Tricha Knivila (Mt. Pleasant), Chloe Kokotovich (Gladwin), Wyllo Kremer (Mt. Pleasant), Kimberly Lapere (Cheboygan), Robert Mailley (Mt. Pleasant), Kaitlyn McGovern (Midland), Eric McLaughlin (Mt. Pleasant), Alyssa McNeill (Lake Isabella), Jacob Metcalf (Alma), Cassidy Miller (Beaverton), Rylee Moore (Farwell), Rebecca Morgan (Gladwin), Nicole Orton (Mt. Pleasant), Emily O’Rourke (Gaylord), Oghosasse Osadiaye (Marion), Destiny Page (Beaverton), Erin Pressley (Big Rapids), Logan Romatz (Clare), Keri Schmalbach (Mt. Pleasant), Evan Schrauben (Mt. Pleasant), Tara Sexton (Mt. Pleasant), Jared Shaw (Ithaca), Jenna Shelp (Lake), Katie Snow (Harrison), Shawnee Sprowls (Beaverton), Kai Stack ( Alma), Zachary Stevens (Cadillac), Zara Tallent (Mt. Pleasant), Hunter Tarket (Mt. Pleasant), Jeffrey Timoteo (Farwell), Kailey Underwood (Alma), Heather VanConant (Mt. Pleasant), Ren VanDermey (Mt. Pleasant), Jacob Vollmar (Mt. Pleasant), Jason Wagner (Harrison), Courtney Walters (Evart), Maggie Ware (Harrison), Myia White (Mt. Pleasant), Hannah Wilder (Houghton Lake), Brendan Willadsen (Green Bay), Rachelle Wing (Harrison), Anthony Wolff (Lake City), Brittney Wolgast (Mt. Pleasant), Hannah Wormsley (Farwell), Chase Wurtzel (Gladwin), Erin Young (Harrison).

The mission of Phi Theta Kappa is to recognize the academic achievement of two-year college students and to provide opportunities for them to grow as scholars and leaders. Students must earn a minimum 3.5 Grade Point Average and complete at least 12 credit hours at Mid before being eligible to join.

Mid launched a PTK chapter in 1989—one of nearly 1,300 PTK chapters worldwide. Over the past 33 years, Mid’s chapter has inducted over 2,500 members and obtained the highest level of achievement - a 5 Star Chapter. Through chapter and individual projects, members have succeeded in serving the College and surrounding communities.

For more information about Mid’s Phi Theta Kappa Chapter, visit or contact Tammy Alvaro at or (989) 386-6622 x634.

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