Mid Michigan College is offering a wide-array of courses, programs, pathways, and credentials that can largely be completed online. And with several course delivery methods, Mid’s courses provide students with a flexible, engaging, dynamic learning experience using the latest technology and resources.

“Mid’s online students connect actively with our experienced instructors and their classmates. We’re confident that once students experience Mid's remote courses, build confidence using the technology, and achieve positive results, they will continue to choose to learn remotely as they build course schedules that fit their busy lives,” explained Marisa Wier, Associate Dean of Online and Distance Learning at Mid.

Mid offers 10 programs and pathways that can be completed 100% online, and over 30 additional options that feature a significant portion of online coursework. From career-ready to transfer credentials in business, liberal arts, psychology, accounting, and more, Mid offers a pathway to success that aligns with students’ goals and future ambitions.

Mid Michigan College was recently ranked the second best online community college in the State of Michigan. And, beyond online courses, programs, pathways, and credentials, the College also offers a variety of virtual student support services, like financial aid, registration, and academic support, that provide convenient help from knowledgeable team members when and where students need assistance.

These online programs and pathways include a number of courses that can be taken in a variety of formats that provide the ultimate in flexibility for students who are working, caring for family members, and adjusting to pandemic-related challenges and restrictions.

On-Campus Courses are traditional, face-to-face courses that require students to attend at a specific location at a specific time. Imagine these courses to be similar to going to a theater to see a movie or play—you have to go to a certain location at a certain time and you’ll be with other people.

Real-Time Virtual Courses take place online, on a set schedule, and utilize real-time virtual technologies, like Zoom. Students can imagine these courses to be similar to a TV show or live social media event—you’ll need a device, internet access, and while you won’t need to leave your home, courses take place at a specific time and you’ll participate in real-time discussions with your instructor and classmates.

Online Courses take place online and can be completed entirely on students’ own schedules as long as due dates are followed. Checking in at certain intervals, such as several times a week, is required, but there are no set dates and times students must be online unless otherwise noted by the instructor. Think of these courses like popular streaming services—you’ll need a device, internet access, won’t need to leave your home, and the course content is available whenever you want to complete your coursework.

Hybrid Courses are a blend of on-campus and online delivery methods. These courses are often lab-based, and students can expect to complete lab-based work on-campus face-to-face, and other coursework, like reading comprehension and writing assignments, online.

Mid’s New HyFlex Courses provide students with ALL of the course delivery options listed above. Students are able to choose how they attend HyFlex courses, each time the course is scheduled to meet. Can’t make it to campus on a certain week? No problem—complete your coursework online when it’s convenient for you or attend using real-time virtual technologies, like Zoom. Missing face-to-face discussions or have questions you’d like to ask in-person? Attend a course session on-campus!

“Mid’s goal was to reduce attendance barriers, and improve the flexibility of a Mid education for students. We see our students for the complete individuals they are—with family, friends, responsibilities, and challenges. These flexible course delivery options were designed to meet the needs of our students help them achieve their goals,” noted Wier.

Flexible course delivery options also align with the College’s goal to provide an environment where students can study and learn safely in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Though the College plans to also offer a number of on-campus courses in Fall 2020, expanded online options ensure that students have choices for how they learn and that the College has on-campus spaces that accommodate distancing and safety.

For more information about Mid’s online programs and pathways and course delivery options, visit midmich.edu/academics/online-learning, contact Marisa Wier at menos@midmich.edu or (989) 317-4601.

Registration for the fall semester is available now and courses begin August 31 in Harrison, Mt.Pleasant, online, and at locations throughout mid-Michigan, including Big Rapids, Bad Axe, and Caro among others. Prospective students can apply online at midmich.edu or contact Admissions at admissions@midmich.edu or (989) 386-6661.

For more information about Mid’s response to COVID-19, visit midmich.edu/covid19.

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