Mid Students,

As we learn more about the current state and spread of Covid-19 (coronavirus) in Michigan and across the Country, Mid is responding with precautionary action. We have sent you much information already, and some of what we recently sent has already been changed. Please ensure that you refer to the most recent communication and the midmich.edu/covid19 website for the most accurate information to date.

Below is the newest information about Mid’s cancelation of all face-to-face/on-campus coursework, including labs and test proctoring.

  • Rely on communications with your instructors to learn how course content will be delivered. Mid depends on the expertise of its faculty and academic leadership for academic matters. The ways coursework will be delivered will vary depending on the specific course learning outcomes and content. Faculty and instructors will send you information about how to accomplish coursework and learning objectives.
  • The College is discontinuing all face-to-face contact for coursework until May 2. This includes lab-based courses. Some labs will move to remote delivery (online). Others will not be able to achieve course goals through online means. For labs that cannot shift to remote options, students will receive incompletes, allowing them to complete coursework at a later date. You will receive direct information from your instructors so that you understand how this change affects your classes.
  • Courses requiring in-person test proctoring are actively investigating alternatives. On-campus test proctoring is still available for the time being. However, online proctoring will be offered as well. When/if your instructors determine new ways to handle proctored tests, they will communicate those plans with you.
  • As much course content as possible will be delivered remotely (through online methods) until May 2. Incompletes will be granted to all course sections that cannot transition online. You will learn about how this affects you from each of your instructors.
  • Mid remains committed to student learning outcomes and accreditation standards.
  • Students unable to complete this semester’s work will be granted incompletes and allowed to complete their work at a later time. More information about this is forthcoming.
  • Communicate with your instructors! Each class is different, and Mid’s faculty and academic leadership teams are working diligently to make decisions about each course. Specific information about how your courses will be delivered will come from your course instructors. General FAQ and College-wide information will be offered at midmich.edu/covid19.

We care about your wellbeing, as students and as people. Should you need further accommodations, please email accommodations@midmich.edu.

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