Establish an Endowment

Endowed funds are a critical piece of the support that we provide to students. Gifts to these funds are added to the endowment, which is invested but never spent. Instead, the fund continues to grow and provides investment income that can be disbursed for the designated purpose of the fund.

Establish an Endowment

Establishing an endowment is an easy and rewarding process. Funds can be set up to provide for a number of vital needs including scholarships, technology, capital improvements, cultural offerings, and more. They can also be named for individuals, companies, or in memory or honor of a loved one.

In order to provide a meaningful level of investment income, the minimum funding level for an endowment is $10,000, which must be reached within three years of the date the fund was established.

To establish an endowment, simply print out and complete the form below:
It is called a Letter of Intent because it allows you to indicate how you intend for your endowment to be use.
Establish an Endowment (PDF - 152kb)

Endowment Agreement:

The terms under which the endowment is managed are outlined in the Endowment Agreement. Please complete this form as well. Endowment Agreement (PDF - 133kb)

Scholarship Agreement Form:

Finally, if your endowment supports a scholarship, please complete the Scholarship Agreement Form. This allows you to designate what parameters are used to award the scholarship. Scholarship Agreement Form (PDF - 177kb)

Once the forms are complete, please mail them to the Foundation Office at:

Mid Michigan Community College Foundation
c/o Matt Miller
1375 S. Clare Avenue
Harrison, MI 48625

Please feel free to contact Matt Miller at 989-386-6600 or if you have any questions.

Gifts made to endowed funds are invested and managed by the Foundation's Investment Committee. They are guided by professional investment managers and work within the bounds of the Investment and Distribution Policy.

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