Alumni Relations

Since 1970, Mid Michigan College has awarded over 10,000 degrees. Men and women of all ages have walked across the commencement platform to receive an associates degree or certificate in everything from Accounting to Welding.

We at Mid are very proud of our graduates and the positive impact on the community. That's why we're committed to helping friends and graduates of the College connect, network, and support each other, the community, and the College.

We're interested in hearing from you, meeting with you, and keeping you up-to-date on the College and networking opportunities.

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Alumni Events & Participation

While Mid does not have an official alumni association, it is very interested in developing opportunities for networking and meeting with fellow alumni - but we need your help. We're looking for volunteers to help organize special events for alumni. Contact Carol Darlington if you're interested.

Fundraising Events

The Mid Michigan College Foundation sponsors two annual fundraising events. The Fall Festival & Barbeque and A Northern Tradition provide excellent opportunities to meet new people while supporting the Foundation. The Fall Festival is the second Sunday after Labor Day on the Harrison Campus each year and A Northern Tradition is held each April at Jay's Sporting Goods in Clare.

Want to get involved?

Fill out our online Alumni Form.

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