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Give Today . . . Influence Tomorrow.

In this quickly changing world, MMCC Students need support more than ever as they work hard to get a degree and take a step forward in life. Donations fill the financial gap and allow students to study their text books, not their checkbooks.

Give To MMCC

Your donation will be used to fund scholarships, expand program offerings and improve campus facilities for MMCC Students. Please consider impacting the life of a student at MMCC - every donation truly does make a difference.

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MMCC Foundation Goals

  • Provide Financial Assistance for Students
  • Support Education and Cultural Program Development
  • Encourage Academic Excellence and Faculty Enrichment
  • Assist with Continued Improvements of Facilities

About the MMCC Foundation

The MMCC Foundation was established in 1987 as a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization and has a governing Board of Directors made up of local community members. The MMCC Foundation harnesses the power of individual gifts by placing them in an endowment fund that will provide for the needs of MMCC and our students for years to come.

Every Donation Makes A Difference

Every donation, every scholarship and every student makes a positive impact on the world surrounding us.

Tell us what MMCC means to you. Submit your story to Matt Miller at

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