Annexation 2021 Proposal

On the May 4, 2021 ballot, voters in ten local area school districts will see two Mid Michigan College Annexation Proposals. Each school district will have the opportunity to pass both proposals, which would lead to the annexation of that school district to the Mid Michigan College in-district service area.

What does annexation do for me and students in my area?

School districts that pass annexation will see significant savings for local students, positive impacts in their community, and the opportunity to serve on the College's Board of Trustees.

Click Here to see how approving annexation could positively impact your community.

What does annexation to Mid Michigan College's In-District service area mean?

Michigan community college in-district service areas are defined by either county, school district, or intermediate school district. Taxpayers and residents living within the community college district pay property taxes for the community college. They also benefit from lower tuition costs than those living outside the district.

Mid Michigan College's in-district service area currently includes Beaverton, Clare, Farwell, Gladwin, and Harrison school districts. If a voting school district passes both ballot proposals, that district would be added to the College's in district service area. Voting school districts include Alma, Ashley, Beal City, Breckenridge, Chippewa Hills, Fulton, Ithaca, Mt. Pleasant, Shepherd, and St. Louis school districts.

Though the College has had an established campus in Mt. Pleasant for over 27 years, property owners and residents in that area are not in Mid Michigan College's in-district service area. As such, students in the Isabella, Gratiot, and Chippewa Hills areas pay 40% more for their tuition than in-district students.

Tuition rates for 2020-2021

$132/contact hour vs. $220/contact hour for out-district students.

The ballot proposal info page includes details about each proposal, what they mean, and the official ballot language that voters will see in the Alma, Ashley, Beal City, Breckenridge, Chippewa Hills, Fulton, Ithaca, Mt. Pleasant, Shepherd, and St. Louis school districts.

There was an annexation vote in November of 2020. What was the result of that vote?

Mid Michigan College did present annexation proposals on the November 2020 ballot for residents of the Gratiot-Isabella Regional Education Service District (RESD). In order for annexation to pass, the entire RESD was required to pass both ballot proposals. Proposals passed in some areas of the RESD, but not in all townships, which meant that no areas were added to Mid's in-district service area.

The 2021 ballot proposals will allow individual school district residents to decide if they want to join Mid's in-district service area and experience the benefits of lower tuition for their students, board representation for their residents, and lifelong learning opportunities for all.

"Local decision making matters to residents of Michigan," explained Scott Mertes, Vice President of Academic Affairs & Community Outeach at Mid. "We saw specific areas pass annexation last fall, and we want to give those residents the opportunity to join us and help their communities flourish."
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