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Annexation 2020 Proposal

Mid Michigan College will present two ballot proposals in November 2020 for voters in the Gratiot-Isabella RESD. If both proposals pass, they would lead to the effective annexation of this area to the Mid Michigan College district.

The ballot proposal info page includes details about each proposal, what they mean, and the official ballot language.

What is an Annexation Proposal?

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What does annexation to Mid Michigan College's District mean?

Michigan community colleges are organized by either county or intermediate school district. Taxpayers and residents living within the community college district pay operating taxes toward the community college. They also realize lower tuition costs as a result of their taxable contributions.

Mid Michigan College is organized by intermediate school district. Currently, that district is exclusive to the Clare-Gladwin RESD. These ballot measures invite residents of the Gratiot-Isabella RESD to join the College's district.

Though the College has had an established campus in Mt. Pleasant for over 20 years, property owners and residents in the Gratiot-Isabella RESD are not in Mid Michigan College's district. As such, students from these areas currently pay 40% more for their tuition than in-district students.

Tuition rates for 2020-2021

$132/contact hour vs. $220/contact hour for out-district students based on 2020-2021 tuition rates.

What does annexation to Mid Michigan College's district DO for Gratiot-Isabella RESD residents?

Lowers tuition costs to the in-district rate for students residing in these areas

For 2020-2021, that would lower tuition by 40% for students living in the Gratiot-Isabella RESD (GI-RESD), from $220/contact hour to $132/contact hour. Full-time students taking 30 contact hours a year would pay $2,640 less than they are currently.

Because GI-RESD residents comprise the largest segment of the College's students, the total savings from annexation would be sizable. Based on current student counts, the savings would total about $1.5 Million collectively for residents of the GI-RESD each year.

Provides College governance opportunities for GI-RESD residents

Despite serving more students from the GI-RESD than any other RESD/ISD, residents from these areas have no current representation on the College's Board of Trustees. This Board is comprised of dedicated representatives from its district. Annexation to the College's district would invite residents from the GI-RESD to run for election to this leadership and governance body.

Fifty Years of Service in Your Community

Here are just some of the way that Mid is building bolder, brighter, better futures.
  • Mid serves over 1,200 high school students each year as they earn college credits through dual enrollment.
  • Mid is the most frequent college destination for GI-RESD residents who attend college. Over 33% of these students attend Mid. The next most frequent choice, CMU, serves 17% of these students.
  • Over 4,100 nursing and healthcare graduates have earned over 5,400 credentials from Mid. Many continue to serve the mid-Michigan region as healthcare providers.

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