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Main College Numbers
Harrison Campus989-386-6622
Mt. Pleasant Campus989-773-6622
Help Desk989-317-4630
Emergency Numbers
Security - Harrison(989) 339-4204
Ext 699
Security - MP(989) 339-7323
Ext 577

Conference Rooms

Mt. Pleasant Campus
CSS Conference Room 234170
CSS Conference Room 235170
Doan Center Conference Room 118108
Doan Center Conference Room 125162
Harrison Campus
Huron Room 212391
Tech Center Conference Room 129323

Fax Numbers

SOAR Fax989-386-6613
Student Services Center Fax989-772-2386
Doan Center Fax989-317-4634
Harrison Tech Center Fax989-802-0971
Administration Fax989-386-9088
Library Fax989-386-2411
Nursing Fax989-386-6666
SBDC Fax989-317-4622
DepartmentsExtensionsCampus Locations
Accounts Payable575HC-Administration
Accounts Receivable611HC-SOAR Center
Admissions661HC-SOAR Center/MP-CSS 164
Advisors626HC-SOAR Center/MP-CSS
Assessment/Testing638/247HC-107/MP-CSS 175
Books & Beans387HC-Library/MP-CSS ?
Bookstore639/640/157HC-Rm 215/MP-CSS 152
Business/Industry Training629HC-Tech Center
Cashier611HC-SOAR Center
Customized Training625HC-204
Facilities696/656/698/237/145HC-Facilities /MP-Tech Center 107
Financial Aid664HC-SOAR Center
Health Sciences667HC-E233, LB242
Help Desk411MP-LB 318
Harrison Tech Center614HC-Tech Center
Human Resources450HC-213/ MP-DC 104
Information Desk (Switchboard)0HC-SOAR Center | MP-CSS
Library & Learning Services618/677/226HC-Library/MP-LB 168
Morey Tech Center279MP-Morey Tech
Records/Enrollment659/221/241HC-SOAR Center /MP-CSS
Registrar395HC-SOAR Center 113
Small Business Development Center317-4623MP-Tech Center/SBDC
Security - Harrison Campus(989) 339-4204HC-124
Security - MP Campus(989) 339-7323MP-CSS 146
Student Organizations634HC-146
Purchasing, Shipping & Receiving654HC-Shipping & Receiving
Student Center314HC-168
Student Courtesy Phone591HC-2nd Floor
Testing Center(989) 386-6677/287/677HC-LLS/MP-LLS
Theatre Lab632HC-Theatre Lab
-Transcripts received at Mid695/221/241HC-SOAR Center/MP-CSS
Tutoring638/287HC-Library/MP-LB 168

Here are the email addresses for the most commonly requested departments:

Admissions Office:

Financial Aid Office:




Online Classes and Moodle:

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