Laker Correspondents

At Mid, our story is our students. Meet our Laker Correspondents.

Laker Correspondents tell the MMCC story from their own unique perspectives. These students keep it real, aren't scripted, and share their #LakerLife with you.

Laker Correspondent Blogs - COMING SOON!

Interested? Learn about being a Laker Correspondent.

We believe the best way to share what student life is like at MMCC, is to hear it from our students themselves. Did you choose Mid because someone shared their MMCC story with you? Now it’s your turn to share your story and become an inspirational ambassador for MMCC.

A Laker Correspondent fills two important roles. First, as a student blogger, who shares experiences with their peers and community in an authentic voice. Second, as a social media influencer, who shares MMCC social media content on their personal social media accounts.

Chosen students create unique content featured on various marketing platforms such as social media, the MMCC website, printed materials, and more. Laker Correspondents are looked to as a resource for future students and leaders among their peers. In these dual roles, Laker Correspondents are expected to:

  • Attend one MMCC event each month
  • Submit a selfie from that event to be posted to MMCC’s social media
  • Submit one photo to be posted to Instagram (separate from event selfie)
  • Share a minimum of two MMCC social media posts per month on personal accounts
  • Submit one blog post per month (video, written, photo/written, or combination)
  • Attend a monthly planning meeting to be held on the first Monday of each month

These requirements are minimums; if a Correspondent chooses to submit more content, we welcome it!

We are looking for real stories of students at MMCC. We want to you to tell the world what it is like to study here, socialize here, play sports here – tell the world about the real MMCC.


  • Build Your Resume
  • Get MMCC Swag & MMCC Selfie Stick
  • Complete the program and receive a letter of recommendation from the Director of Marketing and Public Relations

Who Should Apply?

Students who are
  • Mature
  • Creative
  • Professional
  • Active Storytellers
  • Outgoing
  • Excited to share positive MMCC stories

During the semester...

  • Kick-off meeting to share quick tips on blogging and photography.
  • Monthly Planning Meetings
  • End of the semester gathering where one student will win Laker Correspondent of the Year and some sweet swag.

Apply Now!

  • Fall Semester deadline: August 1
  • Winter Semester deadline: December 1
  • Please include a sample blog post and 3 sample photos.
  • Chosen Laker Correspondents will be notified prior to the start of classes.

Laker Correspondent Application

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