Alert: Active Shooter - Lockdown, Run, Hide, Fight

In the event that a serious crime, natural disaster, or man-made emergency occurs that poses a threat to the health and safety of the college community or a segment of the community, the College would assess the situation and issue timely warnings or emergency notifications and associated security modes.

Individuals should become familiar with the various security modes and the procedures associated with each.

Serious Campus Threat - Lockdown Protocol

Run. Hide. Fight.

This alert is reserved for the most serious threats. The safety of people at the affected campus(es) or building(s) is in danger.


Based on the nature of the threat, get away. Leave your things behind and run away. If safe to do so, warn others nearby. Call 9-1-1 when you are safe, and if necessary, describe the intruder or assailant.


If you cannot get away to safety, find the nearest hiding place, preferably one that can be locked or secured. Stay out of sight. Silence yourself and devices (including vibrate settings).Lock and block doors, close blinds, and turn off lights. Barricade entrances if possible. Try to communicate in silence with campus security and officials or law enforcement through texts or signs in exterior windows. Stay where you are until your location is cleared by law enforcement.


As a last resort and if you are in immediate danger, defend yourself. Commit to your actions in order to secure your safety.

When Law Enforcement Arrives

This threat will be cleared by responding law enforcement agents. As they clear areas, cooperate and remain calm. Keep your hands visible at all times and refrain from sudden and dramatic noises and movement.

DHS Guide to Active Shooter Response Card (updated 05.27.20)

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