Emergency-Related Policies, Information & Resources

(version 2019-20)

Security Operations and Systems has the central responsibilities to provide assistance and leadership in the areas of emergency response, evacuation procedures, and security issues that could affect the campus community. The links below contain pertinent processes and procedures that members of the campus community, as well as visitors, should become familiar with.

Resource Name Description
Emergency Information and Incident Updates
In the event of an emergency or ongoing threat to the campus community information and updates will be posted here.
Emergency Modes

In the event that of a serious crime, natural disaster, or man-made emergency that poses a threat to the health and safety of the college community, the College will enter Security Modes. Individuals are encouraged to become familiar with the various Security Modes and the procedures associated with each mode.

Emergency Evacuation Procedure
Procedures related to emergency evacuation.
Evacuation Testing Procedures

Evacuation Drills conducted each year must be evaluated and assessed; this is the process that Mid will follow for evaluation and to determine changes and improvement to processes.

Emergency Notification, Timely Warning, & Public Health and Safety Issuance Policy and Procedure
Procedure for how Mid will access and disseminate emergency notifications, timely warnings, and public health and safety advisories.
Tornado Policy and Procedure

Procedures to follow in the event of a Tornado.
MidAlert! Information
Information on Mid’s Emergency Notification System, including how to sign-up, update preferences, and how visitors to the campus may sign-up.
Clery Geography
Information on what constitutes Clery Geography.
Children on Campus & Reporting Suspected Acts of Child Abuse and Neglect

Policy regarding minors on campus; Policy and Procedure for Reporting Suspected Acts of Child Abuse and Neglect.

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